Good Morning to MEE

Yeah, thats right!! I am saying welcome to me and not to you because I know there is no you but its me. Confused??? Ok let me explain. I thought of starting my own blog long time back. But why I never did it? Because I was fool and I always told myself, “come on man, no one is ever gonna read it”. And I just created few Blogger and WordPress accounts and kept them empty. But now I think differently. I am gonna write and I will not care about who is reading it. At least the person who is my inspiration for this will definitely read. And thats enough for a start.

So Good Morning mee and YOU if you have read this long. I will be writing mostly about my lovely(?) thoughts and if I manage it nicely then may be I will be blogging a bit more seriously.

Lets hope this goes well. Again Best Luck to me. Damn! I am alone here people, isn’t there anybody who will read ME?

To be continued…… but with more nice topic………. may be Love…………. may be not.


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