keeping promises is hard

Hey there!! πŸ™‚

As I said in introduction, I am going to write now. I am going to write until the world comes to an end. I just need someone to read this. Well no I dont! Control!!!!! I do not need readers!!!! I must Keep telling myself…. okey fine, I will update this post with some stuff related to keeping promises though. So kindly wait until I do write it.

I promised myself that I will write something in my diary everyday. I kept on taking an oath to do this every ‘Happy New Year’. After some years I gave up on me. I promised my dad that I will get best marks ever in my important HSC exam, and still I just managed to get good marks. I promised my mum that I will obey her and definitely marry a girl of HER choice, and still I am love with someone whom my mother never gave a thought even in bad dreams……

These are very simple and common things to be told here, aren’t they? Just try to remember more. You will surely recall yourself doing (in fact not doing) many things you said. Have anyone ever spent a moment thinking over this? Why this happens? Why we fail to complete our small small promises?

I have some answers (I am sure they are run-away-from-fact-you-forgot type):- First and most common thing we do is ‘We don’t consider our word as promise’. If someone asks later, we just say,” Well I just said it, it wasn’t a promise……”.

One of my most important rule of life is,” DO WHAT YOU SAY! AT LEAST TRY YOUR BEST TO DO IT!!”. If you think you can’t stick to this rule then just stop telling people that “I will do this for you, I will do that for you, and blah blah”.

Enough for today!! I must learn to arrange my thoughts in proper format so it will not get boring like this. Did you find anything, at least a bit helpful? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “keeping promises is hard

  1. //I promised my mum that I will obey her and definitely marry a girl of HER choice,//
    Many give these promises (also like I won’t drink alcohol etc) when they are kids (or when they are still living with parents). Once independant and starts earning, outlook changes, meets more and interesting people (than the relative crowd), makes friends and move on.

    Its may not be something that we want, but then its life.
    (Note : they = u me everyone). πŸ™‚


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