Keeping track of ‘favorite sites’ is much simple…. how?

Just few minutes back, I received a mail from my project manager saying that we will be working this weekend. Seems we are working hard and damn seriously. Well, let it be. Today I just wanted to write about Google Reader. May be lots of people already know it. But still I just want to give an end-user perspective of the thing.


Here is a screen shot of what my reader looks like.

Screenshot for google reader

Basically Google Reader is an Online RSS Feed Reader. You should have read about RSS somewhere. If not, at least you must have seen some icons( e.g., see right pane of my page) which say subscribe to this feed or site or whatever the content.

Now, there are many RSS reader softwares are available to us, then whats so different in Google Reader???

Point no ONE: It is ONLINE RSS READER. We do not need to download and install anything on our machine. All we need is a browser and working Internet connection (lol :-P).

Point no TWO: Its is very fast, flexible and accessible from anywhere. So even if you can’t travel with your personal computer in pocket, your favorites will be at your finger-clicks!!( I mean clicks of mouse if you use one).

Enough pointing out points. Feature list of google reader will definitely make you use it. Why don’t you just try it out by going to

You can share things you find more interesting using reader. You can mail these items directly to your friends mailboxes. And most importantly Google Reader does not send mails with just links to sites, it actually sends the content which you read in your reader.

Well, are you trying it out? Or you need me to be more brief about how to use it efficiently?

Note: I think this post needs to be rewritten!!

One thought on “Keeping track of ‘favorite sites’ is much simple…. how?

  1. Lovely post Suda. You do know that an average internet surfer has no idea what an RSS feed/reader is, right? 🙂 They still prefer subscribing to a blog by Email or checking it manually every single day. Probably you should consider adding a “Subscribe by Email” button (using Feedburner). And while you’re at Feedburner, also consolidate your feeds using their service, so that you can keep a tab on the number of people who subscribe to your blog. The default feed won’t let you know the number of subscribers 🙂

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