A walk at 9.30 pm

Note: Looking back at old posts, today, on 19 September 2008, I still think this is my most favorite post till date!!

I usually leave my office around 8 to 8.30 pm everyday. And I always walk the way back home which is not so far (just 1.5 km approx) from office. Listening to Radio Mirchi is my usual timepass while walking and I never really notice whats happening around.

Yesterday, something was different with my brain, my thoughts. I completed my work before 5.30 and was free to leave at 6. But no. Things can not go so easy if you are working in software industry. As I was about to leave, my team-lead came with news of some code rework we needed to do. Hell! I started again and continued until I realized it was quarter past nine and I was the only one who was still working. Silently I stopped working and left my seat.

My head was so numb and buzzing with workload that I thought better not to listen the radio. Just about to swap my card to open door, I noticed a man. He was wearing white clothes which suggested him being one of the cleaning staff. He was intently cleaning the glass door I was about to open. I paused and watched him for a second. He did notice me and politely held the door open. With a smile I asked, “Everything alright man?”. He just nodded and said,”You work very hard sir, and its nice of you to ask if I am fine”.

I left the building. The sky was clear and starry. Gaining a little speed, I passed a Chai-Tapari (tea-stall). Some boys around my age (20-22) were sitting in group smoking. they were happily chatting in some native language. Surely they were not from this state (possibly from Bihar or Jharkhand ) and here for labor work. I was again wondering why I never noticed them so clearly. They were excited about something on small TV in the tea-stall.

Few yards later, I reached the main road. The famous MBA college in our area is on the same road. I spotted a couple standing roadside chatting in typical low voices and smiling with eyes fixed on each other. I passed by their side and no one noticed I was looking at them so closely.

Just behind that couple, at few feet, a boy of 3-4 years was playing with a small dog. He was extremely dirty to be allowed. Oblivious to surroundings, the boy was busy cackling with laughter and fun with his little friend. His mother was cooking something in roadside temporary hut nearby. I sighed. This was surely a family of one of the labor workers I passed at tea-stall. The couple, as I noticed, both boy and girl were from some rich family (otherwise how can they afford the MBA college?).

My mind started rambling about things. A little patch of road has too much things which are so distinct from each other. I was just starting my “mind’s thinking car” when I saw a group of highway police and workers. They were discussing around something looked like a map or design. Cars were speeding on the road. That moment an idea flashed my mind. A silly idea though, it was good one. I stopped at the place and turned around. I was now able to look at the couple, the workers, the child playing at road side, his mother in the hut, the police with their road workers and the cars passing by.

I looked above at sky. It was still. Same the road. But the life was never same anywhere. Someone(me) was hungry and heading towards the home. Someone was not concerned about the world but self(the couple). Someone was about to start the night shift when the world around was about to go bed (the police and workers). Some were enjoying the past-work smoke together before they leave for home (the labors). Some were sitting in A/C cars going to dine probably at some star hotel.

And in the meantime a child, unknown, unaware of the world, was playing with his best mate ever. I squinted my eyes and looked towards the hut. Mother was proudly looking at her baby playing. Her watery eyes were reflecting the fire illuminated for cooking the supper.

I resumed my walk. Thoughts and thoughts were flooding my mind.

“One’s view of life is the choice. The choice of what to see and what to ignore.”

“Nothing will trouble you if you don’t know it”

“Life is not as simple as it seems……. or may be, it is!”


The purpose of writing this was nothing but sharing a few minutes in my day. And I just realized while writing that in 15 minutes, I thought so many things that it can fill some 50 pages of a book.

22 thoughts on “A walk at 9.30 pm

  1. Suda, not many people have the sharpness to notice such simple things…forget about blogging about it. πŸ™‚ I miss such roadside scenes. There are no people on the streets here…whom to look at? πŸ™‚

  2. Xylene

    Actually, I am from a small town which has everything from poor old farmers to Engineering and Medical colleges. I have observed so many things up to now that I can write a book.(I am not wiring it, don’t worry). It just came out here. you can call it tip of an iceberg. May be I will think about in some other perspective.

  3. There is something quite philosophical about your observations, as if each incident has some deep meaning. I think it does. And then you said:

    One’s view of life is the choice. The choice of what to see and what to ignore.”

    This is so true! All of us go around with our own view of the world and the true great man is one who sees things as they really are. Can any of us really see things the way they are? Is there any such possibility? We are after all living in our own realities.

  4. I agree with Nita- very philosophical observations indeed. πŸ™‚ We are all living in our sheltered homes, most of us unaware of our surroundings or what’s going on in the world.

    Re: India, Would really love to come back. I’m physically here, but mentally….miles away. I don’t think I’ll survive in the US for much longer. πŸ™‚

  5. Hmm..i too felt it has some deep innate meaning…i know him personally but never thought that this fellow could think soooooo deep…Cheers man!!

  6. LMAO.. that is some deep thinking! If I were in your place, probably I would’ve ingnored the smokers, joined the kid in cuddling the dog (i love dogs) and probably sweared at the municipality for the pathetic road conditions.
    Never could I have seen the logic behind all that. But then again, thats me. πŸ˜€

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  8. “With a smile I asked, β€œEverything alright man?”. He just nodded and said,”You work very hard sir, and its nice of you to ask if I am fine”. That tells me you are a good man. Suda, you proved that “Life is not so simple as it seems” to be false. You will be surprised what kind words and empathy can achieve. There are a lot of people who feel uplifted by such simple things. Moral: If you can say something that makes another happy then SAY IT !! Reminds me of something I read in the Readers Digest long ago_ A sparrow upon hearing that the heavens were about to fall braces itself feet up in the air while laying on the ground. When a bigger species laughs at his ability to hold up the heavens the sparrow replies “I do what I can”.

  9. @ Nehru Mantri
    Thanks for your kind words of appreciation. You said you remembered a line from RD? You know where I get inspiration for things from? You just need to give a little attention to things our parents, grandparents, elder persons and primary school books tell us. I am pretty sure there are many important social manners we learn in these books.

  10. Wow! Such a sweet post!
    It’s such a strange feeling when you actually pause your life and notice the buzz around you…for once, ‘They’ become more prominent than ‘I’…
    kudos tu yu… for such a nice post!

  11. it was a nice and a refreshingly soothing post! πŸ™‚
    i believe this is the first time i am visiting your blog and what prompted me to visit it is the blog name πŸ™‚
    i would say that the mind is a factory which is always at work….what we only do is just put down the shutters but the work still goes on inside ….unheard and continuously
    and i think you surly gave us an insight of this factory πŸ™‚
    thanks..and nice post! πŸ™‚

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