The Perspective – the world is not just what you see

After reading my last post myself, I realized how differently I think about things. And so do the every person.

“One’s view of life is the choice, the choice of what to see and what to ignore”.

This line made me rethink some ideas of mine. Under the influence of excitement, I was willing to make my own site dedicated to my Photography. Not that I am a very good photographer, I merely fall under “not bad” category. But still I wanted a photo-site. And then I read Nita’s comment on the post. She quoted the same line and said my writing has some philosophical touch. It hit me at right place and idea of “The Perspective” flashed in my mind.
Now what is this “The Perspective”? Of course it’s my new photo site, but it’s not just another common site showing how good my photography is. Actually, it is new way of expressing thoughts.

“A picture is worth thousand words!”

Instead of writing long and boring stories in this blog, saying it by pictures will save lot of trouble. I will try to express my own views alongside. Readers are expected to present their views, doesn’t matter if it is serious, just a quote, an amusing statement, or simply nothing to say. 🙂

Link: The Perspective

P.S.:- The name I intended was, but someone has already taken the names ‘theperspective’ and ‘perspective’. Sad thing is both blogs are not in use, they are simply abandoned by owners. 😦


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