home sw’heat’ (sweet) home

Doing mad things is my specialty. For example: writing a blog post to declare another blog is updated.
Hereby I announce that I have updated my blog missing moments.

The Perspective is getting updated regularly. I am very thankful to those who gave their valuable insights.

This weekend, I am at my hometown thinking of relaxing a bit. Summer is heating up here (wrong statement dude, summer’s always produce heat 😀 , again wrong). Everybody from buffaloes of neighbourhood, hens of aunty next door, to stray dogs on the roads are feeling extremely hot and irritated (human beings are feeling the same, says reporter of local newspaper).
What about me? I am cool. I have given my brain a little break(for a change). Heat isn’t bothering me anymore. Being at home, eating excellent food cooked by mom 😛 , chatting with dad :-O , sitting in front of my first love all the time( my PC yaar) 😉 , watching movies, eating whatever available at whatever time it is available 😀 are some of things I plan do at home. Much of my plan is working and its gonna be a success.
Listen to me guys, learn something from me. For a change, do some plans which are easy to execute and possibly never go wrong. It gives immense satisfaction if any of your plan succeeds with score 100%.

Now, has anybody seen Krazzy 4? Somebody see and review it man, I like to read them. I liked this song very much.

2 thoughts on “home sw’heat’ (sweet) home

  1. After reading this post, I miss two things, my mom’s cooking and my old pc (cant remember the last time I even swithced it on).

    The first one doesnt mean that I am not liking my wife’s cooking…. I love that too, its just that I miss my mom’s cooking.
    …wait lemme explain…..
    Oh what Have I done…too late.
    Damage is done.

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