Today is fun day… see laloo speaking in english

😀 What to say!!!! 😀


9 thoughts on “Today is fun day… see laloo speaking in english

  1. @yaake 🙂

    @Ruhi Funny videos are not difficult to come by if you are in Software Industry. 😀 You can get anything in forward mails. So I got it by mail and uploaded on youtube for you guys.

  2. I wonder if all the people laughing would have been able to come up with such spontaneous extempore translation borne with a pithy message spoken truly like salt of the earth. There is real sincerity writ all over this piece in the video.I feel proud looking at it rather than the whimsical derision that I suspect in the laughter of the rest and the smartass comments of the speaker. It was well put that as people have come to compare him to a tree that bears fruit it was incumbent on him to produce it. Tragically it is this snob supercilious trait of urban Indians that hinder others unlike them to mingle as equal citizens inspite of their noble outlook and contributions.

  3. Suda, sorry forgot to thank you for that video you put up. Guess it means different things to different people. Thanks for your compliment but I think the people that are amazing are the people like Laloo. Dont you think in a way that we are looking at ourselves through him? Everyone is laughing because they are suppressing their secretive unfamiliarity with English like children sharing a secret. When somebody blurts out the burden is lifted in an instant and people relax and they have a laugh. So why supress to start with? This is caused by elitist middle class morality. Indian society already has too many restrictions already. So why pile on? I have seen varied intl. students from Thai to French, Swedish etc attempting English and have always seen an appreciative and receptive audience who often volunteer and help them out. Do you think a south Indian would be appreciated similarly even if he spoke flawless Hindi and imagine if he stuttered speaking Hindi. That should tell us why will not attempt each other’s language. Sorry for the long post.

  4. @ Nehru Mantri
    hey I think I should follow your advice. I had some problem with “speaking in English” as I am from Marathi medium. This restricted my interaction to technical conversations only. Now I think I will start fresh without fear of being wrong. Thanks. 🙂

  5. The most important thing in learning to speak of write well in a language is to start thinking in that language. If you think in Maratti and speak in English it would appear translated even if you tried hard not to. So think in English, learn one word a day from an online dictionary, use the thesaurus also often to catch a few more and try to read a book often. Do nothing but think in English and converse for at least 15 minutes to a half hour every day. You will be good very soon. Good luck!

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