Just irritating!!!!!!

How do you feel when someone comes at your desk, looks at your screen closely before saying Hi and try to read the things you were just typing? And then read some words aloud in simply foul tone to ask β€œWhat are writing man? Life Love and Logic? What the H***? Go do some work or Go do some fun”.

If you have not encountered this scenario, then you are lucky. Because I am currently suffering badly with these kinda things. Every now and then I try to write something when someone comes and stands behind me with an expression which irritates me. Why on the earth they do this? Okey, do see and go. But is there any need to read it in very loud voice and and then give me advice I don’t need?


Any solutions?

15 thoughts on “Just irritating!!!!!!

  1. They can see that you are having fun and want to have the same fun. OR they want your company badly and want you to stop doing what you are doing!

  2. I actually faced this scenario once and I didn’t bother givign the guy a piece of my mind. I really feel that looking into someone else’s computer screen while he/she is working is a serious infringement of privacy. I’m very particular about this. One day, I was sitting in a lab in the University here and one of my “friends” came and stood behind me very quietly. I was emailing some professors of mine and really…why would I want him to read my personal emails? I noticed him after a couple of minuted and asked him what he was doing standing so quietly like a mouse! He said “Nothing!”

    Me: (with a very pissed off expression)- Don’t ever do that again. I detest people sneaking behind my back and looking at my laptop.

    He: (totally stunned and embarrassed and walks off).

    We’ve stopped talking to each other. He’s too scared of talking to me. Probably an over-reaction from my part, but that’s how I am. Even my mom doesn’t look at my computer or my stuff. Why should a friend/colleague have that liberty?

  3. Nita, yes maybe. But I don’t feel like it πŸ˜€

    Ruhi, My family members too never dare to interrupt me when I am doing my R&D. πŸ˜‰ And above mentioned persons are my colleagues. Can you believe it? They are supposed to be professional in every way(at least in office). Only my PM and PL do me a favor and ignore presence of my screen completely πŸ˜›

  4. @suda,
    Was it ur manager? who came to catch u blogging at office ? πŸ˜€
    I hit alt-tab all the time when someone comes peeking at my desk. or CTRL-M and that will give them the idea.

    More than i hate this, I hate ppl who read over your shoulder. The minute you open a newspaper on a train, there will be 10 eyes on it.

    Few tips.

    There are couple of ways to blog and yet not get noticed.
    Open up your Lotus Notes or MS Outlook. Type your blog post there compose, edit….
    Then paste it to your blog.
    This way you will look busy πŸ™‚

  5. yaake: Yeah Exactly!!

    Xylene, No!!!!! My boss can never catch me because I do other stuff like blogging only when I am free.

    I tried the same tricks like hitting window + D or opening an innocent website or opening Gmail inbox when someone comes. But still problem persists. Because they still look at whatever you are doing on screen(and read it for me aloud) and it does not make any difference to them even if it is my personal mailbox. :-X
    Today I suggested some of “them” to read my recent post(aka this post) and it worked like hell. No one has yet replayed me or came to my desk just to embarrass me. πŸ˜€

  6. Im the unluckiest…evrytime this happens to me.I feel the most irritated when they read my poems in my blog[:D] standing behind me
    I wish if somebody invent a new technology to get rid of this problem πŸ™‚

  7. Yeah, it’s pissing off when people do that in the office ! Have you ever tried shoo-ing ’em away ? πŸ˜€ What do you do ?

    For me, the worse is when my mom stands behind me and starts looking at the screen to see whom I’m chatting with !
    After that, she asks all these wired Questions with no meaning at all !
    Well, what should I do ?

  8. @REkha, as Xylene suggested, never type in blog editor directly. Use other windows instead. Whatever innocent windows whom people don’t give a damn.

    @Priya, Well if mom do not like it, don’t chat πŸ˜€
    Ok, I have little solution. If you are using Yahoo Messenger, then start using Gaim instead. I think now it is called Pidgin.

  9. This is a common habit of people, peeping on your screen, Checking when one is smsing that what is he typing, having a glance at your screen to who has called you up…This is a common problem with people….

    First thing, make a habit of locking your desktop….as soon as some one comes behind, use shortcut “Winkey +L”, turn around and ask “yes, what do you want?”

    Incase, you don’t have winkey kbd, make a custom screen lock shortcut in Quick Launch”

    Second, you can ask that man casually that when is he planning to leave his bad habits.

    If you are chatting, you can write, “BRB , A jerk off is staring at my comp screen”

    Many times, when someone in trying to sneak what I am doing on my laptop, I lock the screen and ask that guy to please stand or sit in front of me and talk etc..

    One has to be pretty rude with these kind of people and they don’t usually understand by any indirect manners, coz. if they could, they weren’t be doing it in first place.

    As for the messenger, try trillian, it has a transparency mode that you can use.

    If you are in an open office, and you aren’t supposed to do whatever you are doing on computer….then you need to take your own little precautions like always keep one google window or empty browser window open so that you can switch to it(Alt+tab) pretty fast.

  10. Oh it is such a weird habt. I don’t know why????? Its really weird when I am writing an email and somebody comes and stands quietly and tried to read few words and then a long hmmmmmmmmmm…..comes..
    bah!! #$%^^&&%

    what we can do is when the person is standing behind we can actually type- ‘Get lost you fool I know you’re standing behind’


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