Is India ready for Better Law Enforcement Solutions?

Terrorism. This is the most sensitive, most read, most discussed, most feared, most written about and most “used” topic today. But apart from the few who really bother to discuss or think about terrorism, is our country really ready for its solutions?

Solutions? What Solutions?

Now Let me make it clear what I mean by “Solutions”. Refer the article by Nita where she and her readers are discussing about “Does India Needs a Prevention of Terrorism Act“.
Nita ends her post saying

So, if I were to answer the question raised in the title of this post, I would that yes, India does need an anti-terrorism law, but first it needs to strengthen its law enforcement machinery, overhaul a system which allows just about anyone with money to purchase a passport, a ration card and other papers which help create a fake identity, bring more transparency to the system and prove that errant policemen are severely punished for misusing the law.

Solutions to terrorism include introducing new and effective laws, refining and re-enabling old laws, improvements in intelligence systems and most importantly, spreading awareness in citizens. Oldsailor says in his comment that

Terrorists look like us and they speak our language. All of a sudden terrorists don’t carry out these attacks…………. Government alone can not tackle terrorism.

No law enforcement will be successful unless and until the people learn to respect laws. Its a well known fact that not many law-enforcers (police) respect the law themselves. Thats why most of common people in India fear anything involving Police (I am one of them) because no one knows how police will behave with them.
I am not against the police force, but they have their weaknesses.

A little about us (Indians):

Coming back to the main point, we are common people,
We fear our own protectors(police) as they can misuse the law.
We think law enforcement will encourage the revenge attacks.
We think some laws can be used against some minorities (read minorities = muslim).
We fear politicians will reach a new level of law-misuse if laws get more power.
We, most Indians don’t like our own country. (<— I know this is a WRONG claim but wait, I have some explanation.)
We have lost and do not believe anything related to patriotism or something like that.
We say , ” Why should I bother” for any social issue which is not harming us.
And now I ask the same question again, “Are we ready? Really?”

Is that all? no, we have many good thoughts too.

I know this sounds pessimistic and negative but please note that I am NOT a pessimist nor I am negative. Its just summary of what I have been experiencing. I don’t deny that there are many people who do not fall in the category listed above. We have much population who thinks we are a powerful country which needs some tweaking. But still India has most of population in Rural areas.
Poor people and farmers feel feeding their family is more important than caring about so called ‘social problems’. Middle-class think that they are better in current conditions. I don’t know about Higher class people.

Some people don’t like this country:

About my little off-head statement above, I owe some explanation. I said some people do not like our own country. Yes, thats the fact. There are MANY who really think that being born in India is their life’s biggest problem. They detest this country, they detest everything in here. Who are they? As I have met some, most of these haters are High-educated people. Some MBA, Engineers, IITians , Doctors, and more. They think their so called talent is being wasted here.
How we are supposed to be making progress of any kind if our Talented Brains are leaving us? Common people look at educated youngsters with pride. And this generation is not aware of it.

Back to the point again!

Do you remember the dialog in Movie “Swades” where ShahRukh Khan says, “….everyone in this country is talking about how our country is going down and not progressing, everyone says that Nothing can be done, no one can help this country………”
Well, I really agree with the dialog. This is what we are doing. We are morally discouraging our own country. We need to do some brainwash and cleaning of Indian minds before we start acting against terrorism. And unless and until we start believing that we CAN always DO something for India, we are not ready for anything!!!

28 thoughts on “Is India ready for Better Law Enforcement Solutions?

  1. Well analyzed topic. By blaming our neighboring countries, terrorism in our country is not going to stop. We have to get united. We have to be more vigilant to identify suspicious persons, strangers in our surroundings. Let us not get frustrated on this issue.

  2. suda
    in other countries especially in europe etc most bureaucrats are answerable , in us they are voted in or out based on their performance

    the politics of sowing hatred and division has been the halmark of the british and has been continued by the current lot of politicians right since 1947

    i think like in goa the nation needs a universal civil code

  3. “We ignore small crimes which leads to bigger one.”

    We have to change our mentality. We should respect the laws and should follow it.

    If we consider politicians, almost 60years are gone in blaming system and politicians nothing happened.

    Now we have to change first then everything else will change.

    Love and Peace,
    Abhijeet Rajwade

  4. Prax, I wish we will have system like that in near future.

    How? Do you think our population listens unless its a BANG?

    And while commenting, you forget to add http:// to your URl. Please add it next time so your name will link to your site properly. 🙂

  5. Suda, thanks for the link!
    Well, I agree with you that people in India complain a lot, and thats okay, but I don’t like the apathy. People complain but only to themselves. They don’t actually make an official complaint…we all need to do that. Make our voice heard. But no one wants the bother. For example recently there was this huge jam on the mumbai pune expressway and people were stuck for 8 hours, but hardly anyone asked for their toll back! I think everyone should have and that would have taught these people a lesson.

  6. well in india a common man distances himself from the government or decision making… u can blame it to the fact that indians never ruled india for so long a time that we now seek an authority figure who would take the decisions for us…

    so even though we are a democracy there is hardly any participation from the masses. and this is the root cause of trouble…

  7. Ankur,
    Absolutely right. I have been trying to make people aware of things from many years. (Yes, many years). But I earned nothing but a label “damn philosopher” 😛

    As I said, mass community is busy in earning bread and butter while they don’t like wasting their time for country’s progress.

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  9. Corruption has totally eaten the governance like termite. Young men pay lots of money (in lacs) to get post of policeman (even the post of hawaldar or subedar) and they intend to earn it back from the public….The recruiting officers take it cuz they had given too.. It has become a vicious circle actually. As for politicians I think an upper age limit should be enforced and a graduate degree should be made essential. And for terrorism I really wonder what are their demands exactly? All these naxals etc etc …if asked “ok tell us what do u want really?” I imagine they have themselves forgot what they started fighting for.

  10. Reema,
    You touched the most sensitive point here. We all know how they recruit but its valid for ONLY FEW. We should be careful not to make it generic as there are few who are really honest.

    And about terrorism, they simply fight for their dumb leaders.

    Thanks for comment. I really felt appreciated. 🙂

  11. India was haunted by terrorist sfor decades now, we never lost our charisma, our economy is growing, poverty is diminishing… the so called middle class is now a major contributor in our economy.

    Forget the bureaucrats, the corrupt officials, the money mongers, the fraud politicians…. India is still shining.

    I would say we as a country would still have a all the pitfalls, but then in 60 Years we have grown so much (considering the number of people we are supporting) like no other nation has done every before.

    Suda, I am not patriotic, I don’t believe in people who say you should love your country by loving the flag, the anthem… . If you do something for the country that’s love. I would say other than paying taxes and helping in small NGO’s I haven’t done much for the country. Let’s help the people out, let’s help the country grow.
    When I say country, it’s the people I mean. The boundaries are something that the politicians and hardcore religious fanatics created. To me helping people irrespective of boundaries would be love.
    I am not patriotic, but these terrorists are making me one. !

  12. Xylene,
    I am thinking on your words. Really. Instead of “saying thanks for comment”, I am gonna think of the ways I can contribute and help.

  13. hey nice work….this quote fits in here…..
    “Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” – H.L. Mencken.Cheers

  14. what makes terrorism actually?
    Is that money,religion or ..???
    what u said is true not just by making laws we can protect our country,we really need very efficient set of officers to guard us…
    n value added education rather than training for making money at schools…

    to whom did u say bye 😛

  15. Hmmm… I think that the Indian mentality and the inherent need to be corrupt (among ppl in power) kinda acts as a major roadblock to success… It’s an unwritten rule that if you get to position of power, you have to make some black money… Unless that is cleaned, we can’t aim to progress… Giving more powers to the cops (like the POTA) would ensure the rise of dictatorship!!

  16. AlliRekha,
    Terrorists do things for … hmmm well no one knows actually, if anybody knows it already then there would have been some solutions out there.
    And when did I say bye? where? plz remind me!!

    very true, and very late 😀

  17. Amit i agree with u but this is india, the laws have built in loopholes and worse many say almost half are impractical and impinge on freedoms and aid corruption

    Xy i liked ur comment actual service very much service is more important than lip service

    nikhil …not essencially pota can also help if there is public n press scrutiny and sufficient oversight-
    in the current scheme of things the vast number of laws aid the govt which still to a large extent acts as a dictator
    after every terror attack the security of politicians increases and no of police for the aam admi decreases and this is a reality here

  18. rainzz
    Sorry I missed your comment in hurry. Nice quote and it applies to India perfectly.

    Thanks, I saved me some thinking 😀

  19. I expected you to jump at least 4-5 feet when I wrote this post 😀 But you jumped in after 6 days 😛 So you are late, see all though-giants have already left their valuable comments. 😀

  20. hey all cool….change is what India needs ….that also a political change hope we get it one day….and it will become a better place. 🙂

  21. Suda, I saw the reply to my comment just now…of late I have not been checking the mycomments section and have missed replies.
    Thanks for that Suda. I feel touched. You know actually when I was younger there was a time when I had political ambitions, but after I realised what politics was in India I chickened out. For me the next best thing is to be a writer and I try and influence people’s opinions as best as I can. Finally everyone has to choose their own path.

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