Back with a bang!! What bang? : Different Things

Hello friends, I have decided to resume my blogging. Ok ok, enough of “bhago!!! bhago!!” (“Run!! Run!!”). I am not going to be that dreadful now. I have decided to make Canopenner my unofficial Guru and I am going to be Eklavya I mean I am going to use his style in my own style. Not today though. Today is my come-back day πŸ˜€

Different thing 0: Suda will write stories now, (not here!!!)

Announcement: I have started short-story telling and writing. No further explanation here. Go and see this.

Different thing 1: Gmail and phishing warning

Today I opened my inbox and found lots of “spam’ in my spam folder. Just for curiocity, I opened one of them and I found this. See screenshot:(click to enlarge)

I was glad to see the red strip above text of mail. Look closely, its a warning from Gmail about this mail. I already knew this mail is popular phishing mail but for non-technical users, this is important. Good work Gmail!!
More info: Gmail Support Center

Also I suggest everyone using Gmail to have a look at Gmail Privacy and Security.

Different Things 2 : buses resting after a days hard work

Photo by: Suda, location: market yard bus depo at Pune. (Click to see full resolution picture)

Sleeping soundly, aren’t they?

Ok now you know, there is no bang. πŸ˜€

But I am back for sure



11 thoughts on “Back with a bang!! What bang? : Different Things

  1. hmm …welcome back to blogging .. πŸ™‚
    n all the best for short story writing πŸ™‚ .will read try to be a reader of the other blog too πŸ˜‰
    btw …those two pics r really different πŸ˜› n water mark is really spoiling the pic 😦

  2. Suda, I like this photo but not the watermark. I also like your new avatar.
    So, are you going to keep blogging here or not? I’ll check out your other blog…btw, what about your photo blog?

  3. Welcome Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Ok, this is the third time I’m welcoming you, but hey! you’re back!! Lol.. time to party!!! πŸ˜€

    (PS: Bhaago! Bhaago! yeh vaapas aagaya!) hehehe…

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