sad days are coming


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I am sad.

Yes. I am very sad.

You-Know-Who is no longer in Pune.

Her damn company transferred her away.

Now I am left here to spend weekends alone.


I am listening to this song (its hindi)

कहने को साथ अपने इक दुनिया चलती है, पर चुप के इस दिल में तनहाई पलती है… बस याद साथ है… तेरी याद साथ है…!!!



21 thoughts on “sad days are coming

  1. Well well Sakhi… write a story having a character Suda 😛

    Nita, I can’t, don’t you think I would have done it if possible. And she is not that far, and cery close to your city 🙂

    Joel, transfer? my company have only one office 😦

  2. Ankur, I can, and I will for sure 🙂

    SmallStar, I am recovered man!!!

    P.S> Ankur, I don’t know but how your comment landed in spam?? What u did? 😀 😛 😀

  3. not far from my city huh. well, how about all of us bloggers in this cosy community who are not far from our cities organise a blogger meet? you can bring her too!

  4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
    –Thomas Haynes Bayly

    Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great.
    –Comte DeBussy-Rabutin

  5. hey suda
    i added u on my roll !

    oh u must feel like mr guru dutt padukone – this phase will also pass dude
    but judaai ka dard bada meetha hota hai re !!!
    so cheer up and if / when u cant fly skype! and gtalk

  6. you should try to cope with the lost distance relationship.
    Me and my girlfriend (now my wife) was away for 5 long years when she was in a different city to do her college.
    get a tata indicom std pack. 😀
    (just to cheer u up)
    it has its own good side.
    1. There will less fights.
    2. the feeling will be good when you meet after a loong time.
    3. You will miss her, but the feeling is good. You willbe looking forward for the day to meet her…..
    Enjoy life !

  7. Haaaaayyyeee..
    Arz kia hai – Ishq mein dard mile to kya ghabraana,
    Ishq mein dard mile to kya ghabraana,
    Suna hai dard -e- judaai se mohabbat aur jawaan hoti hai..

    Aadabarz hai.

    Arreyy phone,email,skyp,webcam haina? fir no tension buddy….I have done the same thing-vo bhee ISD phone calls.. 😉

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