Equation for life => “Life = Love ± Logic” (Also Celebrating 10,000 hits)

Life Love and Logic recently crossed 10,000 hits. Cheers 😀 I am very glad I hit his milestone!!!

Looking back in to archives, I found very few posts which are good enough to be called memorable. But I always intended this blog to be personal and not dedicated to some special cause.
Why I used this name? Honest answer is “I don’t know myself”. When I thought of this name, it just fitted in my “philosophical” nature and as usual I never looked back once I decided to use this name. The name “Life, Love and Logic” contains three important things for a human being.
If you ask me, love and logic are most important things to form and lead good life.

But I don’t think anyone can form a fixed equation for deriving life.

Logic is way of thinking about things. It is common sense, ability to conclude things, ability to calculate things, ability to take decisions depending on the situations (e.g. deciding dodge in time when someone throws a stone towards your head!!! 😀 ) and many things. Defining Logic is as simple as the process of using logic itself.

Love? Do I need to define it? Love is love and its the second best feeling(or relation or whatever you call it) in Life.

I have derived an equation for Life, and its

Life = Love ± Logic

Why its not simply Love + Logic or Love – Logic?

Let me make myself clear. Lets take an example.
Consider a situation where there is thief armed with Rampuri Knife in one hand and he is trying to rob your best friend. (I assume you love your best friend).

So, we have,
* You love your friend
* Your friend is in danger
*You are the one who can save him if you try
* Thief is dangerous and armed, so he can harm you easily

And now, Logic says
* Rampuri Knifes very harmful!! (If you see Hindi movies then you must have heard about it)
* You have your job, family, life, career at stake if you try to save him.
* There is no need to act as hero, mummy always taught you to keep yourself out of trouble and safe.
*Blah Blah Blah……

But Love says only one thing,
* Go to hell with your Logic, it time to act NOW. Go and throw that thief out of the window!!!!

So we can derive,

Life (of your friend) equals to (your) Love(for him/her) minus (your damn) Logic

But there can be other situations too.
Most common situation is , you have got an opportunity to go abroad for an important work which can give your career a (much needed) boost. But your girlfriend is not happy about leaving you and living without you for so many days. Ok, consider fiancée instead of girlfriend for convenience.

So Love says,
* Don’t you dare to leave her alone, how she will live without you.
* You will be getting married in few days and still you are obsessed with your damn job?
* Flying abroad onsite is not important than her.
* Blah Blah Blah……

And here Logic says,
* Some things need to be done on time, if you go on-site now, your career-horse will be miles ahead of it would be without going there.
* If she loves you then she can understand the importance of this opportunity in your life.
* Afterall whatever progress you will make, it will help both of you in future.
* More Blah Blah real facts…..

Here is the newly derived equation

Life (of you both) equals to (her) Love(and patience for you) plus (your damn) Logic (if you are competent enough to use it)

So finally we end up conflicting our own conclusions. And this leads to simple more convincing derivation for Life and that is

Life equals to Love plus/minus Logic (still its damn, I agree)

Well this is how I see Life. There are many perspectives of life. And please note that this is one of the many ways to percieve life. Sometimes solutions to many difficult and complex problems lie in simple Logic and common sense. And sometimes you never understand what went wrong with things.

So I will end this post with my usual slogan
Life is not as simple as it seems……

18 thoughts on “Equation for life => “Life = Love ± Logic” (Also Celebrating 10,000 hits)

  1. And you said that love is the second best thing? Second best to what? Logic! I defer… Love is supreme.. Now this love could be for anybody! for your friends, parents, children, partner or in general for humanity… And the life which is there without love, is a life wasted!

    i know, i know you are applauding!

    I bow, Thank you , thank you! 😛 🙂

  2. congratulations on crossing 10,000. And I am echoing Reema here, I like the way you explained the meaning of your blog name. You are a creative guy, I always thought so and have some original ideas. You should blog more often!

  3. Wonderful slogan at the end and equally wonderful analysis. Well, why did you say that love is the “second” best feeling? What, according to you, is the first best? 🙂 And congratulations for the 10K run 🙂

  4. @All
    Now I think I shouldn’t have mentioned the 10,000 hits as most of people didn’t notice remaining post 😛
    Thanks 🙂

    Sakhi, Reema, Manoj
    I am glad you *noticed* the word 😀
    Now, I meant, Love is second best to Love itself. 🙂
    Don’t hit me for this. Most of people take meaning of word *LOVE* as caring for someone and many things…..

    Its true, I know, but in my opinion, Love for Love is the best feeling.
    *Love for Loving others*
    *Obsession to Love others*

    I will try to follow your advice 🙂 Thanks

    Catch me if you can 😀

    Welcome and thanks…and I didn’t find anything difficult though 😛

    Wow Complex!!!!

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