WordPress has messed up few things

Few days ago, WordPress.com announced a new feature regarding Tags and Categories. And I must say this time they have messed up few things.

As per new update, in all themes, Tags and Categories will appear above/below your post according to your theme and they will be linked to Global tags.

For example, the tag “wordpress” used for this post links to http://wordpress.com/tag/wordpress
And Categories will be also linked by same method.

The purpose of introducing this feature is providing more simplicity for readers and more readers to writers. But here some things go wrong.
As per my belief, tags are always meant for global tracking or browsing. But categories mostly serve as a browsing guide to a certain blog. Categories help readers find other written stuff by same author at same blog.
But the categories appearing on the posts now behave same as tags, then what is use of displaying them separately? They serve the same purpose as tags.

I strongly think that WordPress team should work out a solution for this soon. Its definitely a must-be-fixed thing.

And what more, we cannot turn off or bypass this new feature as its automatically generated as we post. One more thing to fix for WP team as there are many people out there who don’t want all these tags and things to clutter the view. They like clean pages.

Anybody who wants to make sure your words are heard by them, WP have introduced an excellent 24/7 support feature.

I love wordpress.com and so I care for it 🙂
Hope they fix it soon


13 thoughts on “WordPress has messed up few things

  1. As far as I know categories always existed and tags came into being some mnths back. But they appear at the bottom of my post, not at the side like they do in yours. I guess that’s because of different themes. I checked some other themes and some have it at the side, some at the bottom. I am a little confused, because I see no change at all.

  2. Yes, you are right. Changes are always announced after they are fully implemented. And actually they have changed many themes one by one and we haven’t noticed. I think some themes never showed the tags which are always visible now, or I think so.

    As you said it, it depends on themes how posts are displayed.

    Its appearance is confusing, but I suppose you got the point of categories not linking to our blog and instead linking to global tags.

  3. Suda, the categories never linked to our blog!! I joined in WP in 2006 and it was like that even then! They cannot take so long to implement!!

  4. I never cared about the tags and the categories, as far as I know, tags are easy as you can just write it down, as for categories you have to click on the Add category option. and then tick each.
    For me both looks the same, except that categories are global I believe, while tags are local to the blog??? am I right?

  5. Nita,
    Actually, I am also confused now. I always thought Categories linked to blog and tags were global. Now you claims(sorry say) that they always have been like this. Then whats so special in the announcement they made?

    Reema, I am at my homeplace and little ill(or was ill).

    Why don’t you leave the question instead? 😀

  6. Categories have linked to the sitewide tag system since pretty much Day 1. The only time they don’t do so is when you have your blog marked as private or if Automattic censors your blog.

    Folks have complained about this for just as long. It won’t be fixed. Matt would have to admit that he made a mistake and that’s something he won’t do.

  7. I thought tags would be added only if we type them. Are they added by default? WordPress has not many themes..but still I love it 🙂 Thanks for all the info 🙂

  8. Thanks Mike. I think everyone here is new to WP so they don’t know that categories always linked to the whole of wp.
    Suda, you just need to check the forums and you will find various people have discussed this, and that too more than a year ago.

  9. I think tags give a basic idea abt what all things can be found in your post and categories say abt the topics where your post can be found. am i right or is there more to it?

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