Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!!

This is the day India was announced being a free country.

What is it?
Ans: Its the day we do Flag Hosting and Eat Jalebi.

Well, there are too many questions and much more answers regarding freedom.
I prefer wishing you all my friends a Happy Independence Day rather than discussing them today.

A good friend of mine has advised to keep sarcasm in control.
And I will try.

No sarcasm today.
No comments on Inflation.
No comments on Corruption.
No comments on Cricket.
No comments on Parliament.
No comments on Sex ratio.
No comments on Reservation (and there is no use commenting either)
No comments on No comments.
No, enough.

Today is happiest day for India.

And one day I will be able to end this post with ONLY FIRST line.

I pray and wish that one day I will not be told to hold sarcasm, as there will be nothing big enough in our system to be sarcastic about on Independence Day.

Go, celebrate. Eat Jalebi.

Jay Hind.

17 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day

  1. Drooollll..I love jalebi but yaar we used to get a sealed packet of biscuits and orange lozenges. No jalebi. 😦 Lozenges were good also. 😀 Happy Independence day. Freedom is being able to blog. 🙂

  2. refreshing I-day post!!
    Go, celebrate. Eat jalebi. (i am obedient….munchin on one now 😀 )
    Happy freedom day…and a great life ahead! 😀

  3. Happy independence Day!
    Vande mataram!

    n the moment when i saw the flag on the air, nothing in the list was in my mind!

    but , i agree my eyes were also on those chocolate with the teachers! :mrgreen:


    ru a diabetes patient or something! ?

  4. @ ALL
    Thanks for comments. Happy 62nd Year of Independence to you all.

    A Note: I don’t know what I expected, but I wrote this post fiercely trying not to spill anything that was on my mind. I don’t know why but all the thoughts just bobbled up in my mind too forcefully as the day approached. It seems I have done a good job in concealing them as no one but few noticed anything but Jalebi’s. I didn’t expect anyone to talk about India’s current problems on Independence day but feeling inside and not talking made me feel like having acidity.

    Anyways, bad feelings are gone, jalebi’s baskets are empty and I learned a new “Sabak” that is “Don’t put a single distracting word if you think you writing something important.”

    Cheers and Love

  5. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, SUDA!!! Sorry if I am late…

    I am becoming a fan of INDIA… Recently I am wishing to be an Indian, and I really would want to live there!! 🙂 but this is not possible… 😦


  6. @Smallstar
    Can I ask Why?

    @ Sakhi
    Same to you 🙂

    At first I didn’t get what you said 😛 now I understood it 🙂


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