Ladies and Lads … Attention please!!

I found something interesting somewhere on internet.

WOMAN has MAN in it .

SHE has HE in it.

Mrs. Has Mr. In it.

LADY has LAD in it.


MADAM has ADAM in it.

HOSTESS has HOST in it.

FEMALE has MALE in it





Any comments, girls? (and boys too if they have stopped grinning 😀 )


23 thoughts on “Ladies and Lads … Attention please!!

  1. When the two counterparts get together they make the things whole!!! And that we are not complete without you guys… Our existence depend on you!

    I know, i know you were expecting us to lash out at you and talk in a feminist tone! 😛 😛

    Caught you there, didn’t i? 😛 😛

  2. Hehehehehehe!!! Can’t stop grinning! 😀
    But He, Mr. Lad, Mister, Adam, Host and Male are all kinda colorless words, aren’t they? I mean, I wouldn’t want to be called a Lad…!! 😀

  3. No comments…tis says everythign in itself 😉 😀 😀 😀

    Right-o !;)

    Colourless words? hahaha…how about if yu’re called pink lad ? 😀

  4. Man is Wo minus Woman
    He is S minus She
    Lad is Y minus Lady
    and so on and so forth 🙂
    Men couldn’t match women, so they are satisfied with half their capabilities, name and mental strength.

  5. @Sakhi

    Is there need to say that line always? 😦

    Yesss, ohh err umm uhhh what? 😛

    Ohh Ohhh Ohhhhh Personal experience…. oooooooohhhhhh 😛

    Better?? Understatement dude!!!

    Good point (but girls aren’t smart enough to pick it so no worries , and I don’t want to check in other languages (just in case 😛 )

    Best word is dude!!! And yeah others are colorless. Why don’t we invent few colorful ones?

    I am good at ducking arrows. It will take at least 10 Arjun (from Ramanand Sagar’s Mahabharat) to get me in eye, let alone bull’s 😛

    Pink? Brown is more realistic (provided Nikhil is flushing (I mean blushing) 😛 )

    Why they want to sit? They can do much more things like walk, jump, sleep, run or simply flutter their eyelids at every word they hear

    Are you a maths teacher or something?
    At first I read “Men couldn’t *match* women” as “Men couldn’t *watch* women” and I thought “Damn, is that a new law? 😛 ”
    And don’t even start about mental strength, you girls are good at emotional things but not other like technology and *working* stuff. (Exceptions, forgive me, I am talking about *normal* zero-techie girls) 😛

    I am goood , thanks, *hugs (in return )*

    Why sooooo sssseriousss? 😛

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