Rock On !!! It simplly superb : Movie Review

Rock On!!!

Must Watch… In Theater!!

Yes. Its a must watch movie. And preferably in theater if you like to enjoy music. If you re in Pune, try Adlabs Gold.
After Taare Zameen Par, this is the first Hindi movie I watched and I don’t feel like criticizing on anything. Even no movie is perfect in all senses, this is one which we can add to exception list.

I will keep the review simple.

Rock On, is a story of friends, who form a band named Magik. The story is only about them and it didn’t loose focus till the very end. They enjoy life, they split and somehow they reunite. Sounds old formula? Well, it is. But as I already said, add this movie to exceptions. Magic of movie is its music. The climax of movie is a song, a long one, and I must say, its awesome.

Rock On!!!

Rock On!!!

Movie keeps you on your seat from start and it not at all get boring even for a minute. Or so I did feel.
I can do with a good long description but I don’t want to spoil the fun of people who haven’t seen it.

The best thing about Rock On is its simplicity. Story don’t have too much turns and bends and twists. Its straight and predictable (only if you have that annoying habit). It has convincing and NO OMG WTF type turns. Its more like Dil Chahta Hai. May be this one is going to be another Dil Chahta Hai, i.e. all time favorite.

Okay. May be few people can find it not that interesting as I did (most probably people who think like pro critics), but for sure its fully enjoyable experience.

Voice of Farhan Akhtar is cool. It different!!!

I give this movie FULL marks.

and well earned 4 and Half stars.

Rock On!!

19 thoughts on “Rock On !!! It simplly superb : Movie Review

  1. simply has only one letter L. “it didn’t loose focus till the very end” Lose is a verb Loose is an adjective. 😛 ab to dekhna hi padega. Jisko dekho wo rock on! rock on! ki mala jap raha hai.

    Thanks for pointing out. 😀 I will keep the mistakes there for others to learn 😛

  2. Like I said on Nita’s blog, Movie is slow and predictable. Infact, being predictable makes it slow. One of those happy ending kind of movies with feel good factor. 🙂

    But may be first of its kind in Indian cinema. Overall: OK 🙂

    Overall OK? You are so technical 😀 thats why 😛 Hmmmm -Suda

  3. okkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaay! Now i have to see this movie! I read fifth review of this movie today and now i cant wait! 🙂

    @ Reems

    chhod na yaar, kitni jagah pe tune likha hai “lose and loose” ka difference! 😛 🙂

    😀 Cheers Sakhi – Suda

  4. OMG … 5 th blog today with rock on review..
    i think i need to watch it as soon as i could .. 🙂

    I was going to write it immediately after watching it , but there wasn’t any NetCafe in the area 😀 Cheers – Suda

  5. hi hi

    another movie to add to the list .. I mean, pending list.. if I should watch a movie,

    I should be bored, and nothing else to do
    Movie should not be bored, otherwise, I will stop watching it inbetween, or sleep ( if in theater )

    I never went for movies alone, I mean, I myself never wanted to, always someone took me with them, or, forced me to join them 😀

    or, I should have a DVD with me, and I will watch during powercuts, 30 minutes a day 😀 😀 😀

    I think that’s enough for a good blog post 😉

    Yes!! Your posts are short enough that this comment can be considered as a post 😀 And watch it in theater no matter what!! _Suda

  6. Hey Suda, I am back! and so glad to be back to read Rock On’s review- I loved it… of the finest movies on music and friendship! My favorite track is ankahi baatein and Pichle Saat dino mein!
    Farhan Akhtar is damn good in the movie and so is his deep voice! Loved his roughness!!

    BTW- how are you????did you try google’s chrome??its really fast…
    take care

    Yay!! Where were you all these days? 😀 And our favorites match!!!
    I am fine. Now you are back, I am more happy 🙂 _Suda

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  8. I am toooooo lazy for movies 😦
    rock on.. hmm was a good one.. I watched only half of it 😀 😀 😀 yea yea, thats me, should complete it someday ..

    I felt, the movie is lil slow.. at least the first part was slow ..

  9. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your blog from Reema’s space. Good blog, keep it up! I know it is a comment on an old post, but I was just too busy with my MBA theses, so I though to catch up on all of my favorite reads via GReader. I know, it’s ambitious. But I don’t want to “unread” all those wonderful posts from my favorite blogs! Do visit my blog. Though I shall warn you of “boredom”. I am yet to watch Rock On. From all the comments and review, looks like I have to watch it no matter what!


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