Whats inside a black-hole?

“Whats inside a black-hole?”, roommate#2 asked putting down Pune Mirror.
“Well, its…..”, I started but someone cut across me, “Why? you wanna get inside one?” πŸ˜€

My roommate#1 (who recently bought new Apache 😐 ) lifted his head lazily and said, ” We will get at least five minutes intimation if this LHC thing @##%@#$ ? Yeah Suda?”
“yeah, may be….”,

“Fine”, he sat up,” Then I will get to my bike in time”.

I started laughing. “So we will be going in black-hole on Apache it seems”.

“But whats inside a black-hole?”, I turned round to roommate#3 (ohh, you are still here πŸ˜› )

“A garden, a swimmingΒ  pool… big one, and much more free roads…”, #1.

“And no one will have cloths on, as they will get ripped of when it will suck us in”, I added now rolling on floor.

roommate#2Β  was dumb-struck, “Well, thinking this way feels better than real scientific details”.

I concluded the discussion patting on his back sympathetically ,” Make sure you are around that *office chik* today…. ”



When you come in contact of a black-hole, you will get sucked inside it stretched like a string (consider when we pull chewing gum and it forms a looooong string). Bah. Damn scary.

We have alternate description as you read in above conversation. And its better. Yeah, better!!!!!
Because, if you are going to be sucked in a black-hole stretched like a string, I would rather die with this cool idea in mind. I will like to Die9only in case of black-hole) with smile (and what more, remember the no-cloths thing) on my face.

Life feels much simple sometimes, especially, when you are going to die.

12 thoughts on “Whats inside a black-hole?

  1. Haaah…! LHC has made a lot of noise…

    A peon/helper/steward at the place I work came to me and asked, P:”Bhaiya, aaj 12.30 koi bahot bada bomb fatna tha, woh fat gya”
    Me: Kaunsa ? Pata nahi….
    P: Saare keh rahe hai, news paper mein bhi tha
    Me: Accha ? *Saw the time – 12.35* , haa fat gya…
    P: Kaha ? aapko kaise pata ?
    Me: Abhi tuney kaha tha 12.30 baje fat na tha, saare keh rahe hai…to fat gya ho gya, kyonki abhi 12.35 ho gaye.
    P: Accha(confused)….kaha fata hoga…
    Me: Kahi fat gya hoga….kal ke paper mein aa jaega…

    After, Some time I realised that he could be talking of LHC…. πŸ™‚

  2. lol πŸ˜€
    “So we will be going in black-hole on Apache”
    Wow I can imagine u and ur roomie riding the bike like Street Hawk or BatMan into the black hole πŸ˜€ lol

  3. Okay Everyone, unfortunately, there is nothing happening and possibility of black hole is decreasing day by day. Alas, we must control our dreams and drooling for now.

    Thanks Anshul for sharing. You don’t have a personal blog, but you can still use Tumblr for tiny things like these.

    Cheers Everyone and don’t hit me for replying personally!!!
    Or come on hit me, especially girls 9boys will get special treats for not hitting me) πŸ˜€

    P.S> I strictly didn’t use the word *nude* BTW, I used more sophisticated term πŸ˜›

  4. If I will have my so called personal blog, then I wont be commenting on any other blogs…time and energy constraints you see…. and I don’t have much personal to say. Once in a while I hope you people don’t mind me writing long comments. πŸ™‚

    Now, I am thinking if Brainstuck.com is a pro-blog or is it some one else’s blog.

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