errr Hello?

Few days ago, when I was in very very bad mood, I got a call from an unknown number. I said Hello…. then Hello again….. but no sound except just some shuffling of something came from other end. Fuming I cut the call and continued sulking in bad mood. In a minute or so, same number called again and same thing followed. I usually don’t like blank calls especially when I am pissed off already. He called once again and I directly cut the call. He kept calling again and again but I did not budge.
Finally he stopped and sent a SMS. It read

“why you not pick my phone. I miss you dear. love you”

I burst laughing after reading this message and showed everyone around me. In few minutes, 7 people were laughing their *** off at this SMS. The poor caller really thought that a Love you-miss you SMS from unknown number will do the trick. I replied by SMS

“Ohh dear, pity yourself. I thought you know me but reading your sms I am sure you hardly know me. NOW, stop this nonsense, I am already in bad mood SO don’t try my TOLERANCE”.

He didn’t call until evening. But at 10.10 pm (After Airtel Happy Hours Start), he called again and I thought of giving him a chance: This time somebody said Hello before me.

Me: Hello, who is this?
Caller: Hello…
Me: (politely) Can I know who is there?
Caller: Hello… (I suspected faked voice)
Me: (in my Mother tongue) Look you, I don’t have time for stupid jokes, tell me who are you?
Caller: Who do you want?
Me: (pissed off) Hello mister whoever you are, I didn’t call you, so tell me who you are or go to hell!!! (my colleagues stopped talking and looked at me)
Caller: You tell me who you want?
Me: (in mind #$#$@@#$%%) Look, whoever you are, you called at wrong time. I am already pissed off and in very bad mood. So if you know me, tell NOW, otherwise…. (I suppressed bad words)

Caller: errr (Cuts the call)

To improve my mood I called a friend. While I was on call, the unknown caller kept calling me continuously. I put on handsfree and kept my finger on busy End Cal button. When I did talking with my different friends, before sleeping I saw the count of calls he tried. it was 48!!!! WTF!!!

I saved the number with name BLACK and told my rommies that if its number called BLOCK, don’t answer it. Now, you might say it was harsh and someone was probably playing a prank on me. If you really think so, then read my last post. I was in such a bad mental condition and stressed that I wanted peace and nothing else. If this was any old friend and knew me well, he should have realised the plea in my voice when I told him I am in bad condition. (Remember I talked in Marathi).

Because of this incident, I remembered one point of my personality which is both good and bad. When something hits my brain, I take a decision. A decision which is very hard to change or alter. So if someone *goes in my head* (in marathi Dokyat Jane), then consider him/her dead 😀

Anyway, this person called me after a week or so and I wasn’t in that bad condition so I picked up.

He: Who is this?
Me: Sudarshan
He: 9may be again in pranking mood) Who Sudarshan???
Me: LIsten bro, its my greatness that I picked up your call, so talk to the point. What do you want?
He: Is this Sharad?
Me: I don’t rememeber anybody calling me Sharad, I will let you know if someone does.
He: Ohh…. (probably he didn’t expect me to be talking in English 😀 )
Me: Anything else?
He: errr (still dumbfounded I guess)
Me: Fine, Bye, Have a NICE Day

😀 😀 😀

Tha story doesn’t end here, I know he will call again. But, even if he is my some old forgotten friend, I don’t care. We are not children anymore, we are professionals. I have my life problems, and my friends help me to get out of it, not make it worse. And jokes have their limits. So anybody thinks I am arrogant, then please look in the mirror first!!!


P.S> I have Confessions Revisited 2 ready in drafts,  but I have some better theme for it…. so for now you have to wait for it.

18 thoughts on “errr Hello?

  1. lagta hai koi bahut trast hai!!

    Cool down buddy!! cool down for your own goood and thank god you have changed the theme!! its better than the previous one!!


    Take care!! And if you need a friend, you know where to find me!! Cheers!!

    { 🙂 See I again changed the theme 😀 and I can’t find you there today 😦 -Suda }

  2. I promise you, it wasn’t me! I was too busy to be playing pranks! 😀

    {I sure it wasn’t you, I know how good is your Hindi accent (forget about Marathi 😀 ) -Suda }

  3. Ohhhhh!!! Someone total vella must be doing this!!You really need to take a break….
    Even I am feeling the same..home sickness ho rai hai kaafi.I dunno what to do…..


    { Come here for some days (may be for a second hm 😛 ). Tell Anupam that you will eat double everyday if he won’t take you somewhere 😀 -Suda }

  4. 48 missed calls??? what is he? Salman Khan ?

    Take care buddy, it always happens this way. When we are in the worst of moods, there will be hell lot of #&*&%#@ to test our patience !!!

    { Why..God!! that didn’t cross my mind earlier. Bet he won’t like Katrina dining with me last weekend 😛 -Suda
    P.S> Did you mean “Who is he? ” when you wrote “What is he?” ???? 😀 }

  5. @Vimal why would salman khan give so many missed calls?

    @Suda Ooohhhh a secret admirer but a guy!!! Hmmmmmmmm…

    Ok jokes apart, cool down yaar. Just tell them u will complain to their service provider. That always works!

    { See my answer to Vimal’s comment 😀 I am cooled down now 😀 And he seems to have given up on me 😛 -Suda }

  6. strange guy!! If it was a girl I would have understood. why should anyone waste their money calling someone otherwise? Unless ofcourse he is your enemy and you pissed him off big time sometime.

    {I am sure he is someone I know in past (I have nearly identified him) but if he is same guy I doubt then let it be, for sake of old friendship 🙂 (which will be hardly renewed now BTW) -Suda }

  7. ahhhh I was reading the post until my name pooped up… and when it did I was shocked.. I had an AHHHHHH expression onmy face… Did you really think it was Sharad as in me? If it did, I will like to know what made you think so?

    { Its not YOU Sharad, read again. Done? Now read again then hold your ear and say “I will re-read carefully when in doubt.” Good boy. 😀 BTW, are you Marathi? if then, then it can be you 😀 (Just Kidding) -Suda }

  8. I think you need to block this number. 48 is a very high number and can be a security threat. And I’m serious 😐 I would have reacted in a worse manner and probably lodged a police complaint.

    {Its total number of his missed calls. If I really know him, he thinks its not much trouble. You see ,some people never change their mentality, I am sure he is grown up to become typical “bigda hua gav ka chora” who hardly knows manners. Now I feel proud of my parents for keeping me out of that mentality always. Anyway, he haven’t called for many days now and I don’t think he ever will. Last time I picked his call, I told him “Jo bolna hai abhi bolo, I will be blocking this number if you call again”. SO looks like problem solved. 🙂 -Suda }

  9. I am a marathi manoos.. but still its not me.. i don’t have ur number dude…may be gimme once and 48 will be a short number :P.

    Narrating an incident using my name teacher(hope u don’t mind)…

  10. hehe……irritating na…When I first took mobile 2 years back, [had to coz i was away in blore for project] a not-so-young guy used 2 call me and speak in kannada which i have no clue of….i named it don’t lift hehe so that even if by chance i forget it wont :P….I was not in bad mood n all…but 2 b honest scared :O 😛

    Nice blog

    Thanks for comment and Welcome to my blog 🙂 -Suda

  11. sounds like a prankster who doesn’t know when to quit. i have my mobile phone number for 5 years now, and i still get occasional calls for a ms wong and asking me to remove their garbage. 👿

    Welcome back ms wong 😛 😀 -Suda

  12. I don’t know how you tolerated this.. I may have exploded at him straight away with my words even if he is my old friend. Whoever it is, if they don’t know how to respect others what’s the use?

  13. hats off for ur patience bro! i’d’ve done something else to him wch wud prevent him from calling me/making pranks to anyone else… btw, gimme some patience if u cud… 😛

  14. must be a prankster ….. prank calls ….its one of the most frequent activity that we undergo in the leisure time for some fun …. never thought it can get someone so pissed off … 🙂

  15. aargh, i hate those callers. They call the wrong number and ask ‘whoare you’
    and when you say “hello, you called me, tell me who you are???’

    they would cut the phone and start with the sms thingy.

    aargh !
    once I got so annoyed that I called the customer service and asked them to block that number for me. (am not sure if they do that)
    but I did not get the call again.

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