WordPress 2.7 Hurray!!!!

The brand new WordPress 2.7

WoW Wow WoW

O.o   WoW  o.O

That was my reaction to the new interface of WP 2.7.

Its cool, simple, well organized, with new features and as usual easy on eyes.

I can go in details of it but don’t have much time to blah  blah, lots of work pending with two one and half hour meetings.



P.S> What do you think about new WordPress (2.7) Dashboard?


14 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7 Hurray!!!!

  1. I liked it.
    And google reader got a face lift. Now I can open it at work without the rest of the team thinking that am checking gmail !!!!

    Yeah, same here 😀 -Suda

  2. I like the fact that I can reply to comments using my dashboard. I used to use a greasemonkey script earlier.

    Hey, I liked everything about this new wordpress, and I found a little bug too 😀 -Suda

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    Quality Tale

    I am not expert but a good user. I generally refer to WP Forums for problems and most of problems get solved -Suda

  4. cant comment on the changes in wordpress, but im happy for you.

    Btw, you have been awarded here :


    😦 What are you doing on Blogger? 😀 Come and see new wordpress 😉 On a serious note, on WP, you will be more focused on *Blogging* than themes and presentation. I was a Blogger user myself but I always used think about my theme and look and widgets and more.. But WP gave me passion for Blogging rather than creating a site. You got my point? -Suda

  5. Yes Suda
    I too have been most pleasantly impressed by the upgrades to the WP dashboard but I am positively delighted by the improvements in the “comments” page which allow you to reply to and edit comments from the one page in your browser, wonderful!

    Hey there. Nice to see you. And see, I am replying this comment using same feature you mentioned 🙂 -Suda

  6. Hi Suda,
    Nice blog. I am so thrilled with the new WP 2.7. The best part for me is the day I finally decided to branch out from Blogger , to WP! I have been following your interesting blog for a while now. Added you on my blog roll 🙂

    Thanks Kiran, I will do same when I get back to full time blogging 🙂 -Suda

  7. wordpress 2.7 rocks for sure 🙂 I was using it even before the beta release on a test blog 😉 your new theme looks good
    and yea, I have updated to a child theme that I designed, based on hybrid theme framework, to make the best out of wp 2.7 🙂

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