Life, Plans, Mess, God, Dad

There is nothing more irritating than not being able to blog regularly. Twitter gave me some relief and now I think I am starting to get addicted to it. But still I haven’t forgotten I have a blog here.

Yesterday, while looking in my bookshelf, I found a small notebook which I instantly recognized as One of my failed attempts of daily diary. I have written only 4-5 time since I purchased it 6 months ago πŸ˜€
Anyway, I sat down and read through. Last entry was incomplete and I remembered why it was so. On previous day to last entry, I had listed things I can do but I don’t, things I should do but I don’t and Things I can learn to do.

And then I realized what a fool I am. One day, in bad patch of my life I wrote down most useful things I have ever written or thought of and I was foolish enough to forget them next day and keep the list incomplete.
Now things have changed, little storm is gone and I am buried in heaps of work. I have plan, list of things to do, to learn and I have little or no time for them. My life boat is sailing towards a bright but entirely unexpected future. Its good, I know, but its not what wanted or planned….

May be, now on, I should plan the plan’s execution plan and execute it for sure.

hey God, I know (and I thank you for) you always ‘tweaked, pushed, adjusted, made available, routed and what more’ things for me or say you gave me chance and I always (read: never) used it fully (my mistake)……
But still I am your child and keep an eye on me as always, because I need you more than I ever did as I have messed many things in my life(like this sentence).

My Dad says there is no mess in my life yet, its just a start of the show. God, don’t listen to him, okay?

15 thoughts on “Life, Plans, Mess, God, Dad

  1. It’s funny what we write in different stages of our lives. Sometimes I read things I’ve written in the past and can’t believe how wrong I was, but sometimes I read things I’ve written that still make so much sense. Goals and aspirations change daily and writing things down is important so that you learn from mistakes and successes.

    Well said β€œWine Blog”!! In my case, things I wrote months ago were so enlightening and self explanatory and I forgot them.
    Welcome to my blog
    Cheers πŸ™‚ -Suda

  2. Rough patches are a part of life yaar… but i’m glad you’ve found worthy frnz to fall bk upon… now, nothing seems to be messed up in ur life… including The Sentence πŸ˜›
    May the smile never fade!

  3. interesting and very candid

    on life and god, love and logic,life always has its twists and turns but i sure hope ur stars will turn soon enough and things get better for u

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