Ghajini Movie Review

Today I went for Ghajini, First Day First Show. (New theater at my hometown, AC, Rs. 50 each 😀 )

Many days ago, I had decided against watching movie Ghajini. But somehow my brother managed to convince me for this movie.

I don’t deny I wasn’t curious about the film, but still I had sensed the movie type. And I was not wrong.

Here is my rating and summary:

Rating: Two and Half stars (2.5)

Summary: Nothing special in story, slow, some typical Hindi/South movie type incidents, overdose of Aamir Khan, No hot/bold/bed scene 😀 (not even a decent hug) and Unexpectedly predictable ending.

Now, if you ask,”How was the movie?”, then I will say, “Ummm, not that bad, lets say its worth watching one time (if you can get cheap 9 AM show tickets then its better)”.

Now again, is it a bad movie? No! Not at all!! Aamir Khan looks great & acts well, there is good amount of violence, a few good laughs and two nice songs. Interesting thing is, the new face, Asin, has acted very well and she looks pretty nice. Even scope for Asin was very limited as this is an Only Aamir Khaan movie but still she leaves footprints everywhere.

Plot summary with no spoilers:Aamir Khan

Sanjay (Aamir Khan) is a short term memory loss patient and some incident in past has left him with a scar on head and no memory of who did it. But, he remembers a few things and has written them on his 8 abs pack body. He is violent and vulnerable and hits/kills many people. Actually he is a very successful businessman himself (or say ‘was a businessman’ 😀 ). So there is a story behind this wounded man’s wounds and it unravels so slowly that we forget the first half when the second half comes before us fully. He is trying to find and kill a man named Ghajini who is killer of his girlfriend, Kalpana (Asin).

I can summarize the movie in one line, “the story of Sanjay-Kalpana” and “how Sanjay finds the killer and avenges his Kalpana’s death”. That’s it.

No complexions in plot, not twists and turns.

A note: Please do not go for this movie with children. Even though there is very less blood and dirty fights, they are terrifying in ways. So keep children at home or simply miss the movie.

This movie is going to be superhit just for Aamir Khaan and Asin (and definitely not because of its story 😛 )


P.S> I tried searching “Ghajini Movie stills, wallpapers, Aamir Khan Ghajini, etc on Google Image search and to my astonishment, I found very less or say only 2-3 pictures from movie. There were  just Aamir Khan pics or Original Ghajini movie stills. Why this is so? Or its just me?


16 thoughts on “Ghajini Movie Review

  1. Suda, Here is what said to Amit.

    I hate the fact that only “Young” actor I admire in Bollywood did this movie. All the people defending this as not MEMENTO, we get it its not MEMENTO, MEMENTO was original and great story.

    Anyways Amit your review is spot on.

    I will watch this movie just because I watch every the movie, which is free download 😀 .

  2. Since i have already seen this movie i will not go into the review depth. Just wanted to let you know that i liked the movie and loved Aamir!! 😉 🙂 Asin is great too!

  3. I finally saw Ghajini yesterday. I didnt really like the movie, mainly because of the violence. I dont think Asin is suited for Hindi movies. She has that typical south indian habit of overacting and over emoting which is so typical of south Indian movies

  4. long time since i read ur blog or any blog for that matter
    yes gajini is rough, violent, and has a very typical southi style direction.. good review.
    I dont think it is worth spending 200 bucks in mumbai theatres for sure…

  5. its all good,but i dont like that kalpana was dead,,but i know it is the story behind,,i mean its her rule only,,,guys keep it up,,most of the movies that i’ve seen from your country is so very nice,,,godbless

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