Caution: Stupid post follows. May not make any sense at all.

I wrote a long serious post. A good post in many ways as I had vented out many things I held back from many days. And then I clicked save draft and everything vanished. WTF.

I am feeling very very #$@%@#&^$!@*!%# now. Few moments before, I was feeling nice. Venting out something that has been pissing you off for long feels good. Not that I had written much sensible post. But still it was a relief. But the moment everything vanished from editor, I felt a surge of anger blinding my vision.

Never before, even once, I forgot to take backup of whatever I have written before hitting publish or save draft button. But today, I forgot. And I am unable to recreate it. I don’t know why but I cant recall a line of it.

Well. Thats life. I wrote a long post cursing life, myself and again life. May be thats why it happened.

I don’t know what it means. But it did nothing but made me more angry, pissed off etc.


24 thoughts on “WTF

  1. So, you vent out your frustration in a post that vanishes, and you get really frustrated at that, and then you write another post to vent out frustration of your lost post of venting out frustration….. Perfect-O!

    • I actually mentioned you!! and see what happened. I wrote that Anshul will make a cartoon on this post for sure and post vanished 😀

  2. Your post may not have vanished. This happened to me once and I decided to go through each and everyone of my drafts incase it had slipped in there and what do you know, I found it somewhere in there! So just check all your drafts, it might be there.
    As Anshul says this is a nice header but overall the dark theme I think reflects your mood.

    • I know why it vanished. Some net connection problem. Anyway, Reema is right, that post was no good for this blog. And you are right, I wanted this theme to reflect my mood. But its already changing anyway…… 🙂

    • When life wants to screw you (your post, in this case) then no one (draft folder) can save you (and your post) 😛 😀

      BTW, nice photo.

  3. 🙂 its okay, anyways you have already vented it out, so how does it matter!! 🙂 Chillax buddy! 🙂

    And yes, anshul’s mention does has this effect 😈

  4. Amits right.

    Things get saved automatically as draft every 1 minute.
    This has happened to me many many times and everytime, I feel blessed for being on WordPress 😀

    • Naaaah. Amit is not right because nothing of that post is left!!! 😀 😀

      Anyway, now I dont mind losing a post much as I can always write a better one.


    • The problem was my network connection which was bad at that time and may be that is why WP was unable to connect to server while I was typing. Some common problems of Ajax nothing else.
      I hope at least you understand what I mean 😀

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