Work (Balance) Blogging

Blogging is good. Good in many ways. Good if you know how to manage it.

Many of the bloggers blog from work. Some of them do it because they can spare time for it and some because they don’t have computers at home (probably because they live in rented flats or can’t afford a laptop yet 😉 ).

Few bloggers are full-time bloggers. They are either retired individuals or the blogging earns their living.

Now, for others, i.e. spare-time bloggers, I have a question.

How do you manage the balance between work and blogging?

I am asking this question because I forced a blogging break on myself just to concentrate on some important things. I was unable to balance these two things properly and ended up trashing one of them (blogging of course).

What happens is, as you keep blogging, you get new readers. Most of them are bloggers and they do write interesting things. So you go read, comment and find more people and make friends etc.

Now, here is a realistic example. I know quite a few bloggers now. And I like to read their blogs. Lets say I like 20 blogs. Three or Four of them write nearly daily. Seven ot Eight write thrice a week. Some of them write irregularly and some of them write stories and stuff (I know 3-4 short story writers).

Approximately, I get around 15 new posts every day in my RSS Reader. Even if I don’t have to read all of them, still 12 posts are there. And if I am busy and miss opening Reader for one day, the count reaches to 20. Then it increases gradually in next few days. And one does not read only blogs. There are other sites and news and many things. So gradually it becomes an overloaded truck.

Now a post of approx 250 words takes some time reading if its on some good subject. There are references to other sources (if you bother to read) and then time to understand the subject. Then if there are already few comments there it adds more time as we read them too.

I am not finding an excuse for not reading or writing or commenting. Its just I find it very difficult to manage all friends and their blogs and your own blog at same time.

At there are some people who comment only if you comment on their blogs. But they are very few.

And there are some people who are always very busy but still comment on my posts even I post after a decade. 🙂

Anyway, I am leaving this post halfway as I think you have got my point.

I just want to know how people manage their time. Mostly the people who use net from workplace (like me).

I wanted to make this post much like Nita’s any statistics and facts post. But then its me!! If I started writing very good posts here, then how can I live up to my reputation of confused blogger??  😀  No. its not an award, its what I think I am. Confused like this post.  😀

24 thoughts on “Work (Balance) Blogging

  1. Hmmm…interesting topic.

    For your info, I wondered about the same thing for a wile. Now, due to a bad back, I’m at home fulltime — and am blogging all i can!

    It’s a tough thing to do. I almost gave up on it! But well, you could do this. Make it a point to read only 5 blogs a day. That way, you can read, comment and write. The next day, next 5. Ok, so you may be late everytime, on everyone’ blog. But at least, you’ll make it!

    And then, do not have a reader!!! It’ll overload you and freak you out. 😀 I don’t have one…so though I kno i’m not up-to-date, I have no visible (freaky) proof of it! 😉

    • Its kinda sad watching a girl slowly getting converted to a housewife 😀 😛
      You know, even if you close your eyes, you don’t become invisible 😀

  2. I try to comment on 5 other blogs / day. Its my way of sharing the love … connecting with others … and if you expect to be read, you should read too!

  3. 1.For working people, blogging on weekends,holidays will be comfortable. For that you need a P.C/Laptop at home with internet.
    2.Regarding number of posts for reading, go through the post titles from the reader and read only those posts of your interest. Simply mark the remaining posts as read.
    3. It is not necessary to comment on each and every post you read.

    • OldSailor
      Your comment gives feel like a university exam question being answered. 😀
      RE point 1: Yes, I think now I must bring my old PC back in action. 😀
      point 2: I follow this point already.
      point 3: True. Very true. Sometimes I don’t understand the post at all. So not commenting helps 😉


  4. Isn’t it strange – Now we have to balance, Personal Life, Professional Life and Online life :). Nice theme change by the way, what are we celebrating ?

  5. I dont agree with Scorpria on the not having a reader. I don’t want to miss any posts where I have been mentioned or received an award or some very funny post!! All it takes a skimming through to get the gist and then u can move on.
    First thing is to have an internet connection at home. I have around 130 subscriptions but of course I read them at around 10-15 per day (excluding the cartoons etc feeds). I just star mark them and read them later.
    I hope I will be able to maintain my blogging activity always maybe to a lesser degree but never giving it up totally.

    • Reema
      I bet you will never leave blogging unless your life depends on it 😀 😀

      Are you still using that Feed Reader software or now you have started using Google Reader?

  6. I try to read what i find interesting and of course i have reader so will always know when who is posting. But i keep my circle close. well almost. I am not a statistic fanatic and am not bothered how many people have visited my site since i can’t do more than what i am doing and i don’t wnat to lose my actual life also. i read what i can. But i agree with ggw_bach that you have to read and comment to be read in most cases. but not always.

    My personal advice is that be comfortable and don’t be pressured to write. You are not a professional blogger, you are doing it coz you like to do it. So do when you can and how much you can.

    Thoda lamba ho gaya na!! 🙂

    • Sakhi
      Itna bada comment!!! :O
      Well, its not that long actually 😛

      Anyway, you are the most friendly networking blogger 😉 so you are supposed to keeo track of everyone 😀

  7. Christmas theme when it’s almost Easter time ? 😀
    okay, I blog a lot, if you can count reading and commenting on blogs as blogging too ,


    1. Nature of work

    2. I dont go away from computer, or Internet even after my work.

    3. I dont have much offline activities

    4. I wanted to be a journalist, and still want to be one ..

    5. Writing is some kind of passion for me. I used to write poems and stories during college days .. but not anymore .. but I cant really leave writing .. so I blog.

    • Dinu
      Themes are becoming a sad story on WP lately. They should add more themes frequently. 😦

      And you are a computer freak. Your children will surely learn binary language first (if they haven’t done it already) 😀

      • And dinu, why did you stop writing?? I did same when I started my engineering and now I am regretting it. Come on man. Write and give Vishesh and Sakhi run for their blogs 😀

  8. well part time office bloggers, it’s the lean in terms of recession..also blog about things I want to..and ya sometimes there are so many interesting things to read and the time is short!!

  9. I have tried Reader and realised that it doesn’t work for me. It overwhems me. Therefore now I have not opened my reader for months! I prefer the wordpress surfer which I visit once or twice a week and there are other blogs which I visit which I have bookmarked. But overall blogspot blogs suffer, although I try to visit once in a while!
    I find it difficult to blog, answer comments, write comments and read blogs which is waht blogging is about. So I have cut it all down! But I have not given up and won’t.

    • Nita,
      I can understand your condition… sometimes I wonder how do you keep track of so many blogs. I thought only Reema was capable of such things in whole world. 😀 😀

      And I am glad you find time to comment on my blog always 🙂

  10. First of all you need an internet connection at home. Secondly Reader is very good. I too am very busy for a large part of the week but I do read a few posts every day and comment on them. I always read the oldest ones first but a major chunk of all the reading is done in the weekend.
    I don’t write much, hardly 5-6 posts a month.

  11. U have written a problem what everybody is facing…. i m so addicted to blogging tht feel sometime that its affecting my work at office….
    the only solution is to seprate one hour in start of the day..and stick to it.. no plus/minus 🙂

  12. Hmmm it is difficult to maintain a balance….

    I can not blog from office so I do it from home and when I post a lot I miss on commenting though I do read everyone in my reader….

    I mostly write the posts in office in my spare time but am making it sure that I won’t let it become an addiction for sure 🙂

    And yes I do remember your blog 🙂

  13. I guess it takes more than just a conscious effort to be able to maintain the balance between how many ever lives we lead.

    Somehow, though my frequency of posting has increased ever since I began working 9 months back, I’ve managed to reign in my blogging/reading obsessions while at work. Spare time – oh yeah I’m on a roll, but otherwise even though my phone keeps beeping at a constant rate when new posts are up, I can confidently say that I don’t even peep at the reader unless I am insanely free.

    🙂 Anyway…like your blog… gonna be a regular visitor !!

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