मराठी पाऊल पडते पुढे…. Krushnaa Patil conquers Mount Everest

गर्जती तोफांचे चौघडे………

मराठी पाऊल पडते पुढे………

Congratulations to Krushnaa Patil, a 19-year-old girl from Pune (this is what nearly all newspapers and channels call her),  for *conquering* Mount Everest.

On Thursday morning, Krushnaa was on top of the world, literally, becoming only the second person from Maharashtra to scale Everest and also the first woman from the state to do so. She was the second youngest Indian woman to reach the peak. Surendra Chavan of Pune was the first person from the state to conquer Everest in 1998.

source: TOI

😀  😀  I am proud of you, Krushnaa.  Kudos!!  😀  😀

➡ A friend of Krushnaa has written about her at DNA News.

➡ She has been blogging about her journey at her blog The Burning Face. (I am not sure why she chose this name for her blog ❓ )

Times of India also reported that “Krushnaa’s tall feat has come at a cost”. Her parents took a loan of 30 laks to send her for this expedition!!! Government should do something for this type of initiatives.  😐  😐

Here are some pictures from her blog:

Krushnaa Patil - Mount Everest

Krushnaa Patil - Mount Everest

Krushnaa Patil - Mount Everest

Krushnaa Patil - Mount Everest

Congratulations Krushnaa!! and Best luck for future!!

19 thoughts on “मराठी पाऊल पडते पुढे…. Krushnaa Patil conquers Mount Everest

  1. well its named that because my face is the only face that burns the MOST in my group of friends whenevr we go trekking….and theres always lots of jokes about it……thats why….and thankyou so much for all this….im over whelmed by the love im getting….thankyou…

    • Hey!! Thanks for visiting and replying 🙂 🙂 आपल्या भेटीने हा Blog पावन झाला असे म्हणायला हरकत नाही 😀 😀
      Cheers, keep up the good spirit!!!

  2. hey krushna great job….way to go….u have done things many ppl cannot even imagine….but also felt sad about the loan..part….i feel sorry for parents who now a big hole in thr pocket to bury……and surprisingly only 5lacs of prize money is all she has got.

    goverments or corporated should have helped her

    but non d less d whole of india is proud of this gurl

    way to go gurl……ur a true rockstar !!!!

  3. here’s an example a perfect example what a marathi manus can do if he thinks he want to do.he can climb the hishest peak of the world &reach on top of the world.gr8 miss patil hats of to u……..

  4. congratulations ‘ashwini’……thats what we used to call in her school…..she was from 10th B….my class…..used to sit right behind me

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