Harry Potter and (Stupid) Romance Around Him

I saw Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince yesterday.

I was never so disappointed by a movie before. My roomie who have not read the HP books liked the movie a bit, he says its not that bad as he did not know the actual story in the book. He was okay with most of things but in after coming out of theater he was little confused. When I asked he said, “I don’t understand WTH the movie was called Half Blood Prince??”


David Yates Fail!!!

The important things in book were

1. Harry-Dumbledore relationship

2. Harry-Snape hatred

3. Harry-Draco enmity

4. Harry is Quidditch captain (David Yates has forgotten that Harry  can ride a broom too)

5. Ron-Hermione relationship ( In this movie Hermione behaves like she is ready to for Ron to jump on her and start…. WTF)

6. Harry-Ginny relationship (which should have come very late in the story)

7. Importance of Horcruxes. My friend didn’t even notice that Horcrux was anything important. He thought it is just another thing he missed because of not reading the books.

8. The bloody half blood prince. Harry gets kind of possessed by the book (or say highly addicted). He gets himself in lot of trouble by using the book.

9. J K Rowling has portrayed Harry’s development from a teenager to mature person very nicely. The director though getting a beard and having a girlfriend makes him mature.

10. Climax!!! Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Luna, Neville, Lupin, Bill, Tonks and others fight death eaters in the school.

In the movie, there is no climax, no Hagrid has two lines at max. Snape has been ignored completely. You can count the number of times magic was done on your fingers. There so less magic in the movie. Story is ripped and patched again and what not.

Finally I sincerely doubt that the director has even read the book HBP himself. Worst “movie based on a book” I have seen ever. No stars, no ratings, only BOOOOOO to David Yates.

P.S. The opening scene was spectacular. And I missed Voldemort!!  :mrgreen:


34 thoughts on “Harry Potter and (Stupid) Romance Around Him

  1. FAIL !!! FAIL !!! FAIL !!!

    This movie was not about half blood prince … neither about horcruxes …. they should have named it ” Harry Potter and the Love Potion ” …. 😡

  2. Yeah same here.. agree with everything..FAIL!! I kept expecting that may be the next scene will be interesting.. but nope.. lot of unnecessary dumb extra scenes and the director left out the crucial scenes.. he is directing the 7th part.. 😦

  3. Agree on almost all the points. I didn’t like the starting either. In the book, the first chapter is “The Unbreakable Vow”. Instead, the director was under the impression that a young, overly excited Harry hitting on a waitress would entertain HP fans more. What a sad judgment.

    • First chapter is “The other minister” 😛 😛
      Ok ok I know what you mean 😉
      I think that this movie has spoiled images of nearly all characters in minds of “only movie” fans. Thank god they kept the quarrel of Dumbledore-Snape and let Dumbledore say “Please…” to Snape before dying.

      • I agree. Went back and checked- I’m referring to “Spinner’s End”. The first chapter is “The Other Minister”. People who haven’t read the book will hardly find anything wrong. True.

  4. I totally agree with your review….
    but still I find the movie-book okiesh…. (Da Vinci Code is my benchmark for terrible)

    And WTF I missed the opening scene was late in the theatre…. Damn!! Every1 is praising it so much… might sit thru the movie again 😦

  5. haha.. good guess about what 7th part is gonna be.. there is a fake 7th part book which has similar story.. all 4 keep enjoying, celebrating bdays and by chance, they get a horcrux on the way… hope the director doesnt get inspiration from it 😀

  6. I argee with that review completely!
    They are so obsessed with making harry potter into some big hollywood blockbuster thing, making harry potter into something it’s not.
    Even looking back to Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone and how cheesey that was, at least there was a sense of magic to it!
    It seems that they where trying to appeal to the wrong audience when scripting this film as like you said they where more obsessed in the love potions than the seriousness of the book. I am personally not a little lovestruck girl who is so desperate she needs to go sit in a cinema and soak up all the chickflicks. I want to go in there and enjoy what could of been one of my favourite films.
    I do appologise for the rant but Harry Potter has been a bit part of my life from the age of 4 (Now 15) and I personally feel insulted.

  7. man! u potter fans are such a dedicated lot ! 🙂

    ps ur not the first one, every potter fan has to compare all nuances of the book with the movies …


  8. I know I’m not the first one but still
    Had to get my point across, even if its the same as everyone elses point

  9. Thank God, I didnt see it. Something kept telling me it would be a bad decision. After horror experiences after Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Chandni chowk 2 China, and a few Mohanalal-starrers, I have learnt to appreciate and follow my intutions 😀

  10. I did see this movie, and would agree Romance was much filled in movie, as compared to actual story.
    For book readers it was much of a disappointment as many details and events were missing.

    Was a disappointment on story part. Graphics have improved. 😀

  11. I could never understand why? Why are people so crazy about Harry Potter?!
    Ha ha…

    I am sure you’ve something much better than in India?

    Did I mention that “Slumdog Millionaire”, “Moulin Rouge” were adapted from Indian films?

  12. No surprises here…with an exception of Godfather, no other book adapted movies have been as good as books…Maybe coz they cannot pack all the detailing of a 300+ page book in a 2 hour movie….but i agree, this was by far one of the worst specimens.

  13. Agree. Agree. I haven’t read the book yet but I know there is something missing. They shouldn’t have used the title ‘Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince’ if they were only going to ignore poor Snapey-poo. I think only the romance sold it to teens.

  14. i love that movie !! and no stupid review is gonna change my mind !!
    and as a matter of fact i have read all the books in the series !

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