block’s writer

“You are staring at a screen, blank screen, a screen that will make you write a (blog) post. You know that you hope someone will read it,but you can’t be sure. But it doesn’t matter, because you will be writing.”

Have you seen the movie Inception? If not, then you might not understand the above statement 😆 (like you understood the movie easily 😛 ). Anyway, here I am with white badge on my forehead with “Writer’s block” written in gold bold letters. I don’t even know what to write after this line. 🙂 How miserable one can get?

Looks like I have to do Inception on myself. But will it work? They say true inspiration is impossible to fake. Well, there are a lot of fake things out there, this is just my own blog. Why can’t I just write whatever crap that comes to my mind? Hmmm , that is an interesting question. But then what is use of writing stupid stuff like this? Just to fill pages? I seriously hope no one is reading this because they are gonna hit me after they finish reading! (if they ever survive 😀 ). Things can’t get more serious than this. A blogger writing anything that comes to his mind at the time he is writing. But that is how things work around here, right? I mean, people (bloggers) write what they think about things (most of the time) on their blogs and readers read it (and comment sometimes 😉 ). But, there is a difference. Bloggers are supposed to write interesting stuff and not just fill their pages with random text like this. Though there is no rule about it, one should be mindful of reader’s patience (which he/she might have run out on already).

So all said (and written), I will try to stick to my Post a Week 2011 resolution. I just need some direction. So if anyone has any ideas that might give me something to write on, I will be very very very thankful for it 🙂


3 thoughts on “block’s writer

  1. I think you are forcing your mind to write something that’s why this block is happening .. just make your mind free and enjoy other things in world .. may be through that you will get new ideas to write 🙂

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