If I Could Work from Anywhere, I'd Live in… Karad, my home….

I would like to work from my… you guessed it, my hometown. But why? Read on to find it out.

Most people will answer this question as “My Home(town/city)” or some hill-station. I am no different than anyone else. If I am given the luxury of choosing my own work location, I would choose this: At my Hometown, Karad (Maharashtra, India), in a room with glass walls, built as a home office, customized to have all gadgets I can get my hands on, on the terrace of my current home.

But why in Karad, why not Pune, or some hill-station?

First of all, its my home, there is no other place I love more than that.

Second, my mom will always be close by so there will be plenty of food at any point of time. Plus you can be sure about being woken up at time you need to be up. All moms are capable of waking up any sleeping kid at any time they want without giving you chance of shouting back 😀 .

Also its a really nice quiet place. My home is on the boundary of residential area and farms and fields. So on one side of the house, you can see all types of homes and on the other side you can see all types of trees, fields, birds (and snakes, quite frequently).

Most amazing thing about the landscape in the photo is, it keeps changing colours throughout the year. The shade of green in above photo is seen in Monsoon. As the winter comes, every colour gets more n more rich and dark. All fields have newly planted crops or most of the crops reach the point of harvesting. Its the best period of the year. Summer makes things look little dry, rough and black (the color of earth) but there is always a cool breeze floating around to please you.

Technologically, there are no problems for working from my home town. We are afterall a town with premier education institutes and a rapidly developing industrial area attached. Also my town sits on a National Highway so no transportation problems. Only Air-travel is the problem, which would be solved soon by our dearest and closest city Kolhapur.

So in the end to sum it all, I just wanna go home to my mommy and stay there 🙂


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9 thoughts on “If I Could Work from Anywhere, I'd Live in… Karad, my home….

  1. kharach…Gavakade jaun rahnyacha ani thithe sthaik honyacha swapna sahi’ch..
    Mazha gav pan Sataryakadacha.Koregoan taluka….
    But ,my say on this..
    People arent Clear hearted in country side as it is said,Just a stay for a month on n u realise the brutal politics n the signature Legpulling efforts dat unnoticedly go on..n many other things..
    If we r such dat wud isolate from the hardships of 12hr loadshedding,Crab mentality,n shallow grudges of ppl…Gaavakade rahnyachi maja kahi aurach..
    But a vacation dropover n settling seem to make a lot diff 2 me
    Urviews definately may differ:)

    • Barobar aahe bhava, adjust tar karave lagte… pan jar apan sagalech aplya aplya gavu gelo kam karayla, kinva samaj Karad la company asali tar tu up-down karshilach na….. mag aapoaap lokancha mindset broad hoel 🙂

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