Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

This is last moment submission… I am not sure if this qualifies… I was unable to find any suitable scene to fit in this category… rare we see abundance of anything…. and when I found a suitable moment, I did not have a good camera… 😦 This one is taken with my mobile camera… not sure if it gives the feel of what I was looking at. Consider school kids with similar colourful uniforms standing together to form color bands in their group…

I also have a top view of this formation, taken from 7th floor of my office building, I will update this post later….





9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

  1. I think this interpretation of abundance is touching. After all, children are our future, and it’s true we have them in abundance all over the world. To me, somehow this picture begs the idea that we should cherish and nurture our future. Not sure if that was the feeling you were striving for, Suda, but I am glad, very glad, to have seen this picture. Thanks for taking it.

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