Things I love: Misalpav (मिसळ-पाव)

Just look at this….
Highway meal

(Photo from here)
 This is one of my most favorite food items in the world. It is popularly known as Misal-Pav. Speciality of Maharashtra State in India where this item is available everywhere. It is spicy, tasty, has a lot of calories 😆 and is cheap enough for everyone to afford. A detailed recipe can be found here.

I have tried Misal Pav at all places I have visited so far. It tastes different at different places. Misal from city of  Kolhapur is most famous of all. Most of the times, people refer to Misal-Pav as Kolahpuri Misal-Pav. Misal is a combination of spicy curry usually made of chick peas and chilly powder gravy. Then a few items are mixed in curry to form the final Misal. These toppings include Farsan( Indian noodle like item made with Besan (Gram Flour)), chopped onion, coriander and a lot of other things depending on the choice of cook. Then Misal is served with a piece of Lemon to mix with it and a pair of Pav i.e. Bread (see above photo). Usually in Kolhapur area, sandwich bread slices are served instead of normal bread (and Misal-Pav becomes Misal-Bread there 😉 ).

Anyway, this is one of the food items which make me drool each time someone mentions it. I had a hard time writing this post because I was drooling so much. Now I had enough control, I am outta here and going get myself a nice Misal-pav treat.

If you happen to visit Maharashtra, India, I suggest you try this item. There is a list of best places for Misal-Pav here, but it is in Marathi, so you might need a translator.. If I happen to get a list in English, I will put it here…


21 thoughts on “Things I love: Misalpav (मिसळ-पाव)

  1. I want to visit Mumbai sometime, atleast for the chats, if not for anything else 🙂 I learnt how to make Pav-Baaji which a friend of mine from Mumbai taught me.. It is wayyy better than any Pav-Baaji we get outside Maharastra.

  2. Ahaaa.. another misal pav fan then… While i was in Pune, my friend took me on a ride for about 20 KM on a hot day just to eat this delicacy! 🙂 end of the day,it was the worth the trouble.. welcome me to the league, i love it myself:)

    • Are you from Pune? Do you know there are already very successful food chains who specialize in Misal Pav like ‘Kata Kirr (Opp Garware College, Karve Road)’, ‘Purpur Kolhapur(Nal Stop, Karve Road)’, ‘Jagat Bhari Kolhapuri(Swargate)’ and many others? Of course Misal Pav will do well, you only have to give it proper exposure and maintain quality. Mouth publicity will drive it if you really deliver good taste. Best of luck and let me know if you start one. I will be happy to visit.

  3. Where can i find Missal pav in New Delhi (Pin code 110002)? would really appreciate if anyone could tell me the closest place to get it..

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