The Horror of watching the movie.. Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: Retribution

Yes, we went to watch a horror movie.. And we were horrified, not by the scenes or gross zombies or anything, but by the terrible movie making. It looked like a video game, had video game-ish characters. Only thing that did not match with video games was this movie had no story. Believe me, no story. I can not even spoil the movie for you. There is nothing to spoil.

So anybody planning to watch this movie, please refrain. A sincere request. You have been warned.

My Review: Oh god why!

3 thoughts on “The Horror of watching the movie.. Resident Evil: Retribution

  1. Reminds me when in order to introduce me to the horror genre, my friends got a vcd of Demons. I lack the ability to be scared by books and movies, i have tried them all. I am scared of people, lizards, and some other stuff though. So I wish the movie had scared me, there would be something to show for the time I wasted on it. I remember, sitting up late, staring at it, horrified at the absurdness and dismayed at the events had landed me there that night… It was someone else’s house (we were hostelers) and here I was stuck there at midnight with this thing. But it taught me many great lifetime lessons.

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