WordPress has messed up few things


Few days ago, WordPress.com announced a new feature regarding Tags and Categories. And I must say this time they have messed up few things.

As per new update, in all themes, Tags and Categories will appear above/below your post according to your theme and they will be linked to Global tags.

For example, the tag “wordpress” used for this post links to http://wordpress.com/tag/wordpress
And Categories will be also linked by same method.

The purpose of introducing this feature is providing more simplicity for readers and more readers to writers. But here some things go wrong.
As per my belief, tags are always meant for global tracking or browsing. But categories mostly serve as a browsing guide to a certain blog. Categories help readers find other written stuff by same author at same blog.
But the categories appearing on the posts now behave same as tags, then what is use of displaying them separately? They serve the same purpose as tags.

I strongly think that WordPress team should work out a solution for this soon. Its definitely a must-be-fixed thing.

And what more, we cannot turn off or bypass this new feature as its automatically generated as we post. One more thing to fix for WP team as there are many people out there who don’t want all these tags and things to clutter the view. They like clean pages.

Anybody who wants to make sure your words are heard by them, WP have introduced an excellent 24/7 support feature.

I love wordpress.com and so I care for it 🙂
Hope they fix it soon


Back with a bang!! What bang? : Different Things


Hello friends, I have decided to resume my blogging. Ok ok, enough of “bhago!!! bhago!!” (“Run!! Run!!”). I am not going to be that dreadful now. I have decided to make Canopenner my unofficial Guru and I am going to be Eklavya I mean I am going to use his style in my own style. Not today though. Today is my come-back day 😀

Different thing 0: Suda will write stories now, (not here!!!)

Announcement: I have started short-story telling and writing. No further explanation here. Go and see this.

Different thing 1: Gmail and phishing warning

Today I opened my inbox and found lots of “spam’ in my spam folder. Just for curiocity, I opened one of them and I found this. See screenshot:(click to enlarge)

I was glad to see the red strip above text of mail. Look closely, its a warning from Gmail about this mail. I already knew this mail is popular phishing mail but for non-technical users, this is important. Good work Gmail!!
More info: Gmail Support Center

Also I suggest everyone using Gmail to have a look at Gmail Privacy and Security.

Different Things 2 : buses resting after a days hard work

Photo by: Suda, location: market yard bus depo at Pune. (Click to see full resolution picture)

Sleeping soundly, aren’t they?

Ok now you know, there is no bang. 😀

But I am back for sure


Protect Your Photos Using Copyright and Watermark


Recently, we saw how a bloggers content was stolen and published by a newspaper without proper permission or reference! So now everybody is conscious about security of their content. Actually no one can control the Internet but there are some ways by which we can make sure our content retains owners identification.
Best way to protect an image or photograph is adding a watermark to it.
What is a watermark?

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Blog’s Content Theft by a (so called)Leading Newspaper


Before you read any further, please make sure you have read this article of “A Wide Angle View of India”.

Yes, You read right. A so called Popular News-Paper stole an Image from a bloggers article.
I could have written about this earlier but I was waiting for Nita (writer of “A wide Angle…”) to get a response from the News Paper (Hindustan Times) who stole a photograph from her article and printed it without any payment, permission or credit. Thats a serious thing. Some people are saying that “its just a photo.” But for a blogger who never tried to gain any financial benefits from her blog even its quite popular, its a serious thing. She works hard for giving her readers insights on different subjects which are socially important in India. She could have earned much money if she wanted to. But No, she is still writing for sake of readers.
Many bloggers have taken the initiative and everyone has written about it. There are many cases like this which need to be raised. If you are one of them, please don’t hesitate to protest.

You can do following if your content is stolen:

  • Write to the editor/owner/writer of the website/newspaper/any media (who has stolen the content) and tell them to remove it or ask them to give proper credit (and money if you want).
  • If you do not get a proper response, you can complain to Press Council of India. Read their guidelines here.
  • Ask blog world for help if you are a blogger. People out there will certainly guide you if you are really facing in-justice.

For Prevention:

  • Get a CC (Creative Commons) License for your work.
  • Put a copyright notice on your website.
  • Try to find out sites who are hot-linking your images which eventually eat your bandwidth.

There are many preventions and these are just basics.

Keep your eyes open and be ready. Constant Vigilance!!!

Update: Till date, The Press Council and other are just ignoring Nita.

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Google Did A Good Joke

See what I found while surfing Google News.
Google has classified the news of MNS asking for 80% quota in PVT companies under ENTERTAINMENT SECTION.
Wow! Nice one Google! Its really amusing. Also see the second news, its all about political parties and still it can be found under entertainment category.

Well, it can be a mistake. Or I am taking it in wrong way. May be Google’s definition of Entertainment differs from mine.
But when I hear about anything done recently by MNS, think upon it(hardly) and tell it to friends, I also categorize it as entertainment. So I am not blaming Google for doing it.

No comments on politics!! I don’t like politics and I try my best to stay away from it.
Why? Is politics so bad? Well, my answer is still: no comments!
There are enough individuals and groups of people out there commenting, protesting and supporting politics in India and worldwide. So I don’t want to be just another person who keeps shouting about politics because people hear it.

Thats all. Stop politics……….. Ok…….. Stop.

Now, how many of us really think before commenting on something? You think you do? Wait for my next post, I am gonna comment on this! :-p

The Perspective – the world is not just what you see


After reading my last post myself, I realized how differently I think about things. And so do the every person.

“One’s view of life is the choice, the choice of what to see and what to ignore”.

This line made me rethink some ideas of mine. Under the influence of excitement, I was willing to make my own site dedicated to my Photography. Not that I am a very good photographer, I merely fall under “not bad” category. But still I wanted a photo-site. And then I read Nita’s comment on the post. She quoted the same line and said my writing has some philosophical touch. It hit me at right place and idea of “The Perspective” flashed in my mind.
Now what is this “The Perspective”? Of course it’s my new photo site, but it’s not just another common site showing how good my photography is. Actually, it is new way of expressing thoughts.

“A picture is worth thousand words!”

Instead of writing long and boring stories in this blog, saying it by pictures will save lot of trouble. I will try to express my own views alongside. Readers are expected to present their views, doesn’t matter if it is serious, just a quote, an amusing statement, or simply nothing to say. 🙂

Link: The Perspective

P.S.:- The name I intended was ThePerspective.wordpress.com, but someone has already taken the names ‘theperspective’ and ‘perspective’. Sad thing is both blogs are not in use, they are simply abandoned by owners. 😦

Keeping track of ‘favorite sites’ is much simple…. how?


Just few minutes back, I received a mail from my project manager saying that we will be working this weekend. Seems we are working hard and damn seriously. Well, let it be. Today I just wanted to write about Google Reader. May be lots of people already know it. But still I just want to give an end-user perspective of the thing.


Here is a screen shot of what my reader looks like.

Screenshot for google reader

Basically Google Reader is an Online RSS Feed Reader. You should have read about RSS somewhere. If not, at least you must have seen some icons( e.g., see right pane of my page) which say subscribe to this feed or site or whatever the content.

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