Enter the android


This is my first post from the new and awesome android phone I got  few days back. There is whole world of new possibilities to explore now. But I am already tired of the delicate touch screen. No worries though as slowly I am getting hang of it. Surely in no time I will be typing as fast as I used to on normal phones.
Did I forget to mention the name of my new phone? Its LG Optimus one P500. It has android 2.2 froyo. There are a lot of preinstalled applications from manufacturer. Most of apps are useful and fun except few stupid ones you can’t remove. So far, apart from irritating touch keyboard, I am very happy with my new purchase. One word of caution for people planning to buy this phone, battery is not good. If you like to keep your gps and wifi on all day long, well, you can’t do that with this phone. I don’t think it will last whole day that way. Simply put , the battery is as bad as any other android phone in this (cheap) range. So be ready for frequent charging.

I wanted to write more on this but my patience with this keypad is running out. 😉


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Just irritating!!!!!!


How do you feel when someone comes at your desk, looks at your screen closely before saying Hi and try to read the things you were just typing? And then read some words aloud in simply foul tone to ask “What are writing man? Life Love and Logic? What the H***? Go do some work or Go do some fun”.

If you have not encountered this scenario, then you are lucky. Because I am currently suffering badly with these kinda things. Every now and then I try to write something when someone comes and stands behind me with an expression which irritates me. Why on the earth they do this? Okey, do see and go. But is there any need to read it in very loud voice and and then give me advice I don’t need?


Any solutions?