a life..


a life...Early morning. Around 7.30 AM. Somewhere on Nagar Road, Pune.

The old man picks up his lunch box and shoulders his hammer. He quickly bows to the God’s idol in the corner, says a quick prayer and hits the road. A day just like any other day.

This is the story of any of the men in the photo. Only hammer gets replaced by something else like a handbag, aΒ broomstick, a bag of goods, a vehicle or just an id card. But the story remains the same. No matter h0w glossy, glassy and classy your work environment is, your story is same as this old man.

He goes to work, works hard, gets his pay and thanks god at the end of the day for giving him power enough to earn his bread. Does he have regrets? Wishes? a bucket list? May be. He wishes he could do a lot of things other than his daily work. He does not get the chance. But does that make him regret his life? Most probably not. Because he knows that there is no use of regrets or negative feelings, they will just spoil the taste of your life. Live it as it comes to you, strive to be better, strive to be worthy of a better life.

Life is not as simple as it seems, or may be, it is.

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I fly


I just wrote a poem. Yes… not that it is any good.
But I am happy I wrote it.
Its been long since my last poem.
There were days when I used to think of writing a lot of poems and I had written few also (in Marathi).
Then somehow I stopped writing them and after a few years I completely forgot about it.

And today, while posting a pic on my photoblog, I searched for something to post along with it, something that suited my view of the photo, and I could not find anything. So went ahead and wrote it myself. I hope at least someone likes it. Someone who inspires me every moment of my life. πŸ™‚

Here is the link to that post: I fly

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance


This is last moment submission… I am not sure if this qualifies… I was unable to find any suitable scene to fit in this category… rare we see abundance of anything…. and when I found a suitable moment, I did not have a good camera… 😦 This one is taken with my mobile camera… not sure if it gives the feel of what I was looking at. Consider school kids with similar colourful uniforms standing together to form color bands in their group…

I also have a top view of this formation, taken from 7th floor of my office building, I will update this post later….




Sun Water Effect


I woke up….. did the *needful*….. brushed my teeth…… and went in the bathroom……..

Suddenly light flashed in front of my eyes. I looked around and found our good old steel water tap reflecting the Sun brightly πŸ™‚

Few minutes later, the tap stopped shining and the Sun rays shifted to the water flowing from the tap. This looks like a normal, day to day phenomenon…… but I rushed to find my mobile (I hadn’t started bath yet) and clicked some pictures of water flow from tap……. look what I achieved…….. Click the image to view in full size……


Ganpati Bappa Morya!!


This year, for first time in life, I was not at home for Ganesh Chaturthi.

Early morning of Ganesh Chaturthi, I was standing in the balcony of my flat. I heard some noise of children in distance. Soon a small rally of young kids passed the road in front of me. One adult was carrying a small statue of Lord Ganesha carefully.All kids were jumping about him. They were *shouting* in chorus “Ganapati Bappa Morya” as loudly as possible.

The scene moved me. Funny eh? It should have made me smile, not sad.

But it did both.

I smiled and next moment I felt sad.

Every year on this day, as far as I remember, me and my brother and some of neighbourhood children go to bring Ganesha home.
Chorus of his name(Ganpati Bappa Morya) while bringing him,
people looking admiringly smiling and joining in while passing our little rally,
every child dancing in front,
mummy doing Pooja before entering in home,
decorating whole house for the festival,
going every home in the area in groups to do the Aarati,
full stomachs with Prasaad,
going to watch different programs arranged by Public Festival Groups,
and more….

Last year, my elder bro held Ganesha while bringing him home

Last year, my elder bro held Ganesha while bringing him home

All memories just started dancing in front of my eyes. So many years Igrew up doing all this and never realized how important the day is in my life. I didn’t dare to call home as I was sure I would cry listening to sounds at home.

I am really feeling sorry Bappa, I know I am much lazy in doing all things people do for you but still I love you. Morya!!!

On lighter side, my roommate brought home Brand New Apache RTR 160. (The reason I didn’t went home was I wanted to be with him while purchasing his first bike with his own money πŸ™‚ )

Come on, join me..

Ganapati Bappa…


Note: I am currently very busy and my PL is always sitting with me these days. So I am writing this when he is away πŸ˜› So sorry for not commenting and replyig. Will do it soon. Cheers.

First day back to office and blogspot blocked :(


Hiyya. I am finally back to office after a week long break because of illness. Well, I got cured on first day back home but who can convince my mom that I don’t require any more healing?
So I was forced to keep my head down for a week and I obeyed. Not that I was scared of mum, it was raining continuously outside and there was no way I could have enjoyed anything much. Not alone at least. πŸ˜›

Also a note: Blogger is blocked in my office due to some problems( someone wrote abusive comments about my company and they simply blocked it), I can read but commenting is not allowed. Why don’t u all blogspot guys move to wordpress instead? πŸ˜€

Today is boring day and I am missing home very much. Few days ago, I posted few photos of my area. Now have a look at it again and see the difference πŸ™‚

Back with a bang!! What bang? : Different Things


Hello friends, I have decided to resume my blogging. Ok ok, enough of “bhago!!! bhago!!” (“Run!! Run!!”). I am not going to be that dreadful now. I have decided to make Canopenner my unofficial Guru and I am going to be Eklavya I mean I am going to use his style in my own style. Not today though. Today is my come-back day πŸ˜€

Different thing 0: Suda will write stories now, (not here!!!)

Announcement: I have started short-story telling and writing. No further explanation here. Go and see this.

Different thing 1: Gmail and phishing warning

Today I opened my inbox and found lots of “spam’ in my spam folder. Just for curiocity, I opened one of them and I found this. See screenshot:(click to enlarge)

I was glad to see the red strip above text of mail. Look closely, its a warning from Gmail about this mail. I already knew this mail is popular phishing mail but for non-technical users, this is important. Good work Gmail!!
More info: Gmail Support Center

Also I suggest everyone using Gmail to have a look at Gmail Privacy and Security.

Different Things 2 : buses resting after a days hard work

Photo by: Suda, location: market yard bus depo at Pune. (Click to see full resolution picture)

Sleeping soundly, aren’t they?

Ok now you know, there is no bang. πŸ˜€

But I am back for sure


Protect Your Photos Using Copyright and Watermark


Recently, we saw how a bloggers content was stolen and published by a newspaper without proper permission or reference! So now everybody is conscious about security of their content. Actually no one can control the Internet but there are some ways by which we can make sure our content retains owners identification.
Best way to protect an image or photograph is adding a watermark to it.
What is a watermark?

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A camel in the fog….. And a crab under rock


A trip to Lonavla (a famous place between Pune-Mumbai) and a nice weekend with you-know-who was a great experience for me. And there was the fog. Everywhere a white cool fog.

I was standing with you-know-who and posing for photos. The environment was giving out best quality fog ever made. πŸ˜› I was feeling like in heaven. Effect of person holding hands with you add to effects of natures. So heaven was on earth for me and thenhen I saw a camel walking smoothly at a distance. A group of children sitting on it. I was in mood of heaven and thought Wow, heaven also have camels to ride :D. Then you-know-who poked me in ribs and I was told to stand while one of the most memorable shots in life was taken. Well I agree that the photo I was posing for turned out to be my(our) best photo ever. A friend actually clicked photo from different angle and we were looking at different camera. So back to camel. I was awaken by flash of lightning(or was it because of somebody tapped on my head?) and took out my camera to take this shot in time. πŸ˜€

After that, we traveled some distance and went on some hill. I am not giving descriptions here but it was a nice place and thee we met someone interesting!!



(Photos Copyrighted to me * Β©Sudarshan Kadam*)

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