The most difficult phase in life is not when no one understands you; It’s when you don’t understand yourself


Couldn’t agree more. It is more confusing when you are confused about your own confusions. :\


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A Happy Birthday Post :)


As usual, this is a customary happy birthday post on my blog 🙂

I am 26 years old now… Nothing special, I know. But bloody one year close to the death 😀

Anyway.. spending the weekend at home(town) with whole family around and then staying home for birthday is sweet.. though my office mates are cursing me for taking a leave on my birthday but still my mom’s happiness is enough reason for me 🙂

So, Happy Birthday to me and Cheers.

(No) Wind of change

Warning: Stupid Rant Post!! Rant!! Rant!! Read at your own risk!!

Prologue (You can skip this grayed part and jump to main text below)

Sometimes, I just feel like standing alone, looking at the Sunset, taking the evening breeze on my face….. Today was one such day or you can say, such evening 😉 ….

I went up on the terrace of my company building, alone. It was nearly empty except two guys standing in a corner smoking, chatting, having their evening tea. I chose the extreme corner away from those people, towards my dear Sun who was spreading soft evening light on the landscape. Sunset always moves me. I always end up thinking about past, present, future, life and all such crap. 😦 Today was not different.

Thinking/musing sessions like today’s sunset trip to terrace bring out the worst and the best cooking inside my mind-pot. One very common feeling I keep getting is ‘being lonely’. Yeah, the usual stuff. People leaving me, me leaving people etc etc. And as if it was not enough, things started going haywire in my professional life. Opportunities eluded me, they just slipped out of my hand just like sand slips from your hand when you to hold on too tight. So, I decided to stand in front of the mighty Sun, looking at the spectacular sunset and just sort out what is happening with me……

A view from terrace of my office building

I was standing on the terrace alone, looking at the setting Sun. For first time, I realized how far I can see from there. I tried to take in the whole landscape and noticed something else in the process. Exactly opposite to the Sun, on the East horizon, I saw the nearly full moon coming up. While somewhere in the west, I saw a kite floating in the air. I looked up and found a eagle, flying alone, high in the sky, so high that it looked a little bigger than a moth. Cool, I thought. At least for the moment, I was part of the great loner’s club.

Eagles fly and hunt alone. Sun and Moon have no friends, and no choices 😀 . And the kite, the kite is the poorest of all. It has no control on its own life. Someone literally controls the strings of his life. It is at the mercy of the wind and the controller of the string. Normally, I would have tried to relate my own life to one of these things and felt bad. But this time it was different.

I realized how good and simple my life is (right now). I do not have any problems from any side at the moment. I have a good job (and sufficient salary), good health for family, a lot of good friends, good (and some pretty 😛 )colleagues etc etc. There is nothing that can be counted as bad. Only thing that I have to do is: not to think about things I don’t have or I can’t have. It is that simple.

As soon as I arrived on this thinking station, I stopped thinking and started actually looking at the beautiful sunset. There was no wind at all for some time which I had not realized. The moment I thought about wind, there came a soft breeze of evening air. Somebody must be listening to my thoughts. I said goodbye to the Sun and welcomed the moon. The kite was still floating in the air and there was another one alongside it. The eagle was gone, he must be heading back home. I took the cue and descended the stairs.

Sunsets always set me thinking. This time, it diverted me from excessive thinking. I was hoping for some change in my life, something new. I still am hoping for it. But now I don’t want wish for a wind of change, I just wish for simple breeze and some rain.


If I Could Work from Anywhere, I'd Live in… Karad, my home….


I would like to work from my… you guessed it, my hometown. But why? Read on to find it out.

Most people will answer this question as “My Home(town/city)” or some hill-station. I am no different than anyone else. If I am given the luxury of choosing my own work location, I would choose this: At my Hometown, Karad (Maharashtra, India), in a room with glass walls, built as a home office, customized to have all gadgets I can get my hands on, on the terrace of my current home.

But why in Karad, why not Pune, or some hill-station?

First of all, its my home, there is no other place I love more than that.

Second, my mom will always be close by so there will be plenty of food at any point of time. Plus you can be sure about being woken up at time you need to be up. All moms are capable of waking up any sleeping kid at any time they want without giving you chance of shouting back 😀 .

Also its a really nice quiet place. My home is on the boundary of residential area and farms and fields. So on one side of the house, you can see all types of homes and on the other side you can see all types of trees, fields, birds (and snakes, quite frequently).

Most amazing thing about the landscape in the photo is, it keeps changing colours throughout the year. The shade of green in above photo is seen in Monsoon. As the winter comes, every colour gets more n more rich and dark. All fields have newly planted crops or most of the crops reach the point of harvesting. Its the best period of the year. Summer makes things look little dry, rough and black (the color of earth) but there is always a cool breeze floating around to please you.

Technologically, there are no problems for working from my home town. We are afterall a town with premier education institutes and a rapidly developing industrial area attached. Also my town sits on a National Highway so no transportation problems. Only Air-travel is the problem, which would be solved soon by our dearest and closest city Kolhapur.

So in the end to sum it all, I just wanna go home to my mommy and stay there 🙂


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Happy new year 2011 and Post-a-Week-2011


Happy New Year 2011.

I am writing a post after a gap of six months. A lot of things happened in this period. First, I got a new job (did I mention that somewhere?). Second, got a new bike (Honda Unicorn). Third, well, there are a lot of small small things which can go here but I would rather not bore people. 😀

So why sudden decision to write a post? Why trouble the blog that was sleeping peacefully for quite a long period? Answer is here. I read the announcement from team about something called postaday2011 and postaweek2011. And I thought why not give it a try? Each year I make a lot of resolutions (one of them is always “Follow the resolutions” 😛 ) and end up forgetting them by end of January. 😀 But one blog post per week is something I can achieve (or so I think). So I am gonna try it 🙂

I have written a few things at other blog (here) but I am not convinced by that writing myself. So its okay if anyone makes too critical comment. You are always welcome. 🙂