Bhook… Hunger ….. Food crisis


About above link:- This a site which claims that clicking by us generates revenue for the hungry children. Well, as many sites like TOI and news channels write about it, I hope it really works.
I am sure many people know about hunger crisis. This seems to a weird statement, duh? but yes, I know people who don’t care who gets food to eat and who remains hungry for weeks. Well, life if everyones own property and everyone is allowed to live it as he/she wish. I have already written on my view of life and things. Then why now? Whats new in this? Answer is nothing!! Its just I never had a blog to help spreading the word about it before. And if even just a single person gets motivated by me, its great for me.

I am glad for Sfx have a dedicated page for this. His page is here. I also thank fruitymind whose TV-Terror post motivated and reminded me about writing for this site.

I will like readers of this post to let me know about more people who are aware about it and had written about it. I want put up their names here. Remember, one click can help saving lifes.

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