:) A Happy Birthday Post!!! :)


Its my birthday today!!!

23 years ago, it was raining cats and dogs (and even elephants 😀 ) and my dad was standing with his friends at a small hospital in a small village, drinking tea and discussing Raj Kapoor and his movies. His face was bright with a great smile. A few moments later, a women, a nurse probably, came out of the operation room and informed him of my birth. 🙂 Birth of a great personality, a boy who will do something that will make him proud. Someday. I was crying and crying and everyone was rejoicing out there. 😀 Poor me, had I known everybody was going to rush IN to *see* me, I would have stopped crying instantly. 😛 😀

Few years later, when I was old enough to kick my elder brother down from the bed (he was 2.5yrs old then), my first birthday was celebrated. And you can see that how troubled I was because of people trying to kiss me, pull my cheeks, trying to make me laugh, trying to lift me 😀 or simply trying to shake my tiny hand!! 😀

Dada and Suda
Last year, I wrote this post on my birthday.

Gifts :)


I will make this post very short 😀

In all I got very few gifts 😛 But they are worth having 🙂

First my best mates gave me a Laughing Budhha with his hands up in air. He is holding some golden things in his hands. Well its very cute little chap with tummy little bigger than me 😀 Here is his photo 😀 (click to see him clearly)

And I got a nice, sweet T-shirt from my senior-didi-guide-colleague-panjabi kudi-neighbor at office. Its a cool shirt!!!!

Finally I got a funky shirt from my you-know-who. Its a temporary gift I guess, as she is trying to get something(I don’t exactly know what) for me from many days and without me to help, she is finding it rather difficult. 😀 But I know she will manage it herself.

Enough for today. And thanks to all friends who wished me. Also I am little busy now a days and really don’t get much time for reading and commenting. Forgive me for absence, I will fill it later in timesheets 😀