Somehow, I am not exactly sure about it, but “a thought” rung my doorbell.
After greetings and introduction, it declared purpose of meeting. Agenda was to persuade me to write a post. At least a “few lines post” on this blog.
I plainly refused and argued with thought saying,”I don’t have that much time to spare, to do it justice.”
The thought smiled and asked,”What do you mean by ‘do it justice’?”.
I sat up straight in my chair and explained, “See, if I post something I will expect people to read it. Once people read it, they will comment. And when they comment, I have to keep track and reply them accordingly. Now, if you haven’t noticed it earlier, this requires good amount of time…..”
The thought picked a pencil on my desk and started observing it with keen interest. After a few silent moments, it looked up and said simply,” May be you are not supposed to do it every time.”
Now it was my turn to ask for clarification, but the thought answered my question before I let it out.
It said, ” Just let people know you are still there, Suda, this time just write whatever you feel like writing the moment you open the editor. And lets see what happens then.”
I clicked the mouse to call up Firefox and said,” Yeah, you are right. Reema keeps reminding me that I have a blog of my own. 🙂 And she also thinks blooging is good for my health 😀 “
The thought patted on my shoulder while getting up and walked to the door where it turned to wave goodbye. I waved back and said, “I hope you would not mind if I mention you in my post, would you?”
With a warm smile the thought left closing the door with sharp snap.

I woke up and found myself in dark. The clock ticked 2.30 AM.

Today, while writing this, I hope I ‘meet’ few more ‘thoughts’ like this one tonight and get some more ideas. In the meantime, make sure, my readers, that my blog is alive, and God knows I may be able to join you sooner than I have planned.

Cheers and Love

P.S>  🙂   🙂   🙂

that scary white face


Two days ago, I had a bad dream. It was a few seconds dream. May be just 4-5 seconds. But it made me jump so badly that my mom came over to ask what happened.

I was in half hearted sleep. I was able to listen mom telling off my brother over something and I was also unable to make out her words clearly. Irritated I turned to look at my right. I saw someone sleeping over there with blanket over his head. He stirred in sleep and took his blanket down enough to show his black hair. ‘Hmmm’, I thought,’he can’t see me, I should call…’. I was happy about something, it was like I found a friend when I needed one. It was happiness you feel when for example you are bored and want to go on a night stroll outside and you wake your friend take him with to chat. Funny thing was that I felt same type of happiness and I stretched my hand to call him.
He stirred again, he was lying on his right arm with his back to me, by left hand he removed the blanket and got halfway up. Then silently he turned to me. I was expecting a smile and gali but a it turned out a white face. He smiled meekly, tilted his head to his right and said,”hey buddy….”
And I woke up shuddering. My heart hammering madly. I was struck with shock of seeing that face at the time I was least expecting it. It was not horrible in looks but its was surely horrible and cruel in feeling.

Consider yourself in the situation. You are happily waking up your friend for sharing/doing something and you find a creepy white face known or its cruel styles in the place of your friend.

I know it sounds a stupid dream. But it scared me very much. I think it was the night I was missing one of my dear friend.