Movie Review: Hancock


Just watched hancock at a theater near my home 😀 And let me start review with rating. My rating is **. Yes, its two star!!

Hancock Movie Still

Hancock Movie Still

There is nothng special about this movie and its just Will Smith all over. Its not a boring movie but its not must watch type. So if you have no time to spare then don’t worry and watch this later on DvD.
There is no scope for acting as this is an action film. There are few drawbacks and mistakes.

Story: (No Spoilers):
Hancock, a superhero, always drunk, everyone calls him drunkard and he keeps getting angry on them. He catches criminals but this costs his city crores. He keeps destroying everything around him wherever he goes. He saves life of a man who tries to make him a good man. And then many things happen and the “only” twist in whole story comes after interval. Finish. This is max I can write about story.

If you want my opinion, don’t waste more than 40-50 bucks on movie.


P.S> Thanks to all who replied on my previous post. I will reply comments as soon as possible. Using net-cafe restricts many things actually. Have a nice day. 🙂