New New New


From many days I had been telling myself, “Write next post with your new laptop dude, what is the hurry?”
The arrival of laptop got very much delayed and I ended up torn between my resolutions and urge to write something somewhere. But somehow I kept my promise to myself. I waited patiently for this dude lappy to come. And here he is, finally, HP dv4 1414tx something. Paying a major part of my savings for this dude was no easy decision for me. But now having him in my hands sitting in my lap, I feel it’s worth the money.

All these days I was planning for a new laptop, my roomies tried very hard to change my mind about it. In their opinion, I should have opted for a bike instead. That was a good option but it more cons than pros. For example, my GF has moved to Mumbai with her family so main purpose of bike fails here ;). Also my hometown is too far to go on bike every other weekend (around 210Km). My office is just 1Km from my room which I walk to everyday. So a bike would have been a waste of money on me these days. So bike got postponed to next year and lappy came in.
Here are few things on my agenda for use of new laptop:
1. Frequent blogging
2. Study

  • a. Certifications
  • b. General (some ‘interesting topics’)
  • c. Programming practice
  • d. Some stupid research
  • 3. Web/Graphic Design (Most probably web)
    4. More blogging and writing
    Why study? A thorough analysis of job market (aka jobs for me) told me that just practical experience does not take you up the career ladder, you need few addons. Addons like certifications in the technology you are working in, some domain knowledge around the technical work you do and openness towards new technologies. Some relevant additional knowledge would not hurt either. If an interviewer asks you, “Do you know what is new in the recently launched Dot Net 4.0?” you better not reply, “Ohh, there is a 4.0 too?” 😀
    Now, most of above things can be done without any expensive computer but what if I felt tired of study and wanted to play a game or two? So I specially got with nVIDIA GeForce Graphics card too. 😀 😀
    Anyway, now I have got this dude up and running, I should probably start with the study……