Protect Your Photos Using Copyright and Watermark


Recently, we saw how a bloggers content was stolen and published by a newspaper without proper permission or reference! So now everybody is conscious about security of their content. Actually no one can control the Internet but there are some ways by which we can make sure our content retains owners identification.
Best way to protect an image or photograph is adding a watermark to it.
What is a watermark?

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Grainy Photos? you need Noiseware: My Recommendations


Most of us have digital camera’s and mega-pixel camera mobile phones and we do keep clicking photos wherever we go. Sometimes, even digital cameras fail to give quality photos due to less amount of light. In some cases, wrong configuration of settings, extra light, automatic mode of camera results in producing grains (kind of dots) all over the photo. Noise is good thing in some cases if you are an artistic photographer, but commonly its of no use to normal people.
So what you do when a photo gets grainy in low light? Curse the camera and accept the photo as it is? Well, here is a simple solution (which is free of-course).

Noiseware Community Edition

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