Krazzy 4 Movie … unforgettable experience … read to find out why ….


Krazzy 4 …… just been back from the movie and I must say it feels like we just wasted some money to watch this movie in a theater. Thank god I didn’t see Krazzzzzy 4 in any expensive multiplex!!!

My rating for this movie is One and Half star. The half star is for using National Anthem and also having Diya Mirza in movie. Half star for Hritik’s song (which comes at end to relieve you). Remaining half for all other things. Acting is not as bad as script. But actually there wasn’t much scope for acting.

Krazzy 4

Most amusing thing happened in theater was when SRK’s item song started, the whole theater went silent (simply stunned by poor choreography). No one was bothering to even make a little sound of cheer. The theater which responded to Rajpal Yadav’s jokes was simply ignoring SRK completely. Poor Guy did a really boring song. And one song called Ek Rupiya is completely hopeless. I can’t see why director wanted it in. Overall story of movie is not so interesting and very predictable and unimpressive turns are used. They are not turns actually, if you don’t pay much attention. 😀

Ok now why it was unforgettable experience for me? Read on……
A seat besides me was empty for first ten minutes(approx). And then one guy came and tried to seat on me. I just threw him on his seat. He sat and instantly started bombarding me with questions….
1. How much time passed?
Me: 5 minutes
2. Anything special happened?
Me: No, Nothing yet
3. So I haven’t missed much, have I?
Me: No
4. Heheheeheh (pointing at screen and bobbling up and down in his seat)
Me: oh god!!!
5. (Juhi Chavla appears on screen) Who is this
Me: Juhi Chavla (:-D Yes, I did it)
6. What is she in movie?
Me: psycho….. umm a Doctor
7. And who are these guys?
Me: (Decided to end conversation) They are mental patients and she is their doctor. They have not told much so I know just this much.
8. (innocently, without noticing my irritated tone) But they are in car, so where are they going?
Me: (this guy is impossible) To see the match……….

Just then, some character in movie cast a good joke( I decided it was good because my neighbour was nearlyHritik fallen out of his seat by laughter. movie was a disaster and this guy continually kept dancing in his seat pointing at screen and looking at me.( and I was wondering if I missed something so funny :-P).
Thank god after few minutes story became little serious (according to this guy) and he fell silent.
Finally after movie was over, I decided against my evening plan of having a walk by riverside and headed straight back to home for a strong cup of tea.

Well if you are the one who liked this movie then its not my fault. May be we use different glasses to look at the world.


home sw’heat’ (sweet) home


Doing mad things is my specialty. For example: writing a blog post to declare another blog is updated.
Hereby I announce that I have updated my blog missing moments.

The Perspective is getting updated regularly. I am very thankful to those who gave their valuable insights.

This weekend, I am at my hometown thinking of relaxing a bit. Summer is heating up here (wrong statement dude, summer’s always produce heat 😀 , again wrong). Everybody from buffaloes of neighbourhood, hens of aunty next door, to stray dogs on the roads are feeling extremely hot and irritated (human beings are feeling the same, says reporter of local newspaper).
What about me? I am cool. I have given my brain a little break(for a change). Heat isn’t bothering me anymore. Being at home, eating excellent food cooked by mom 😛 , chatting with dad :-O , sitting in front of my first love all the time( my PC yaar) 😉 , watching movies, eating whatever available at whatever time it is available 😀 are some of things I plan do at home. Much of my plan is working and its gonna be a success.
Listen to me guys, learn something from me. For a change, do some plans which are easy to execute and possibly never go wrong. It gives immense satisfaction if any of your plan succeeds with score 100%.

Now, has anybody seen Krazzy 4? Somebody see and review it man, I like to read them. I liked this song very much.