Use Google to find Movie Showtimes for theaters in your city


Making a quick plan for movie and entertainment sites are blocked in office?

Or you are too lazy to find the newspaper and look up the movie list?

Or you simply have no idea where to find a list of showtimes?

Well, thats easy!! Use Google!!!

Step 1: Go to

Google will (in most cases) automatically detect your city and show something like this:

Change the location if necessary using the location box on the left.

Thats all!!!

This list contains most of the theaters in your city.

There are many other features also. For example:

If you click on the movie name, it will show the movie details page like this:

It will also show the Movie Reviews and Ratings if abvailable:

And if you have not decided on which movie to watch then click on the ‘Movies’ link in the left sidebar. It will show you the list of movies available in your city. There are categories too.

If available, you can also see the trailer for the movie.


From many days, I have given up reading and started watching movies instead. Till now I have watched around 30 movies in last month or so (not in theaters of course). Suggest me some movies. I will publish my own list soon.