Whats inside a black-hole?


“Whats inside a black-hole?”, roommate#2 asked putting down Pune Mirror.
“Well, its…..”, I started but someone cut across me, “Why? you wanna get inside one?” 😀

My roommate#1 (who recently bought new Apache 😐 ) lifted his head lazily and said, ” We will get at least five minutes intimation if this LHC thing @##%@#$ ? Yeah Suda?”
“yeah, may be….”,

“Fine”, he sat up,” Then I will get to my bike in time”.

I started laughing. “So we will be going in black-hole on Apache it seems”.

“But whats inside a black-hole?”, I turned round to roommate#3 (ohh, you are still here 😛 )

“A garden, a swimming  pool… big one, and much more free roads…”, #1.

“And no one will have cloths on, as they will get ripped of when it will suck us in”, I added now rolling on floor.

roommate#2  was dumb-struck, “Well, thinking this way feels better than real scientific details”.

I concluded the discussion patting on his back sympathetically ,” Make sure you are around that *office chik* today…. ”



When you come in contact of a black-hole, you will get sucked inside it stretched like a string (consider when we pull chewing gum and it forms a looooong string). Bah. Damn scary.

We have alternate description as you read in above conversation. And its better. Yeah, better!!!!!
Because, if you are going to be sucked in a black-hole stretched like a string, I would rather die with this cool idea in mind. I will like to Die9only in case of black-hole) with smile (and what more, remember the no-cloths thing) on my face.

Life feels much simple sometimes, especially, when you are going to die.