I am alive!!


Yes, sometimes you should stand up and shout to the world, “Yes, I am alive.”

Sometimes you should  open your eyes to look at the world and say, “Yes, I am alive.”

Sometimes you should clear your ear and listen to the world, “Yes, you are alive too.”

Yeah, I know. Pretty lame for a philosophical touch, eh? Never mind.  😉  I just wanted to say, “Yes, I am alive”. Some people know it by heart and some know it by gtalk. And some just guess it because they know I am smart enough to be alive so far.

So thanks for waking me up Reema. Looks like Sakhi has given up trying to make me write something 😛 . And hey, still “I am alive” does not guarantee of any future posts or blogging or anything ok?  😀  😀  😀

Just pinging… ping ping…. Fruity, Nita, Xylene, Priyank, Yawwwnnnn ohh its 2.30 AM